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MICA 2016 Remembered

  • Commission Director Julie Richard
  • Performance, Outside Track
  • Presenter Matt Lehrman
  • Audience
  • Performance, Alison Chase Dance
  • Idea Lab, Sarah Sockbeson
  • Breakfast
  • MICA Idea Lab
  • Audience
  • Performance, Pineland Suzuki
  • Commission Assistant Director Linda Nelson
  • Argy Nestor and Karen Montanaro
  • Performance, Pihcintu Choir
  • Idea Lab, Salim Salim
  • Arts Education Gathering
  • Performance, Alison Chase Dance
  • Craft Artist Lunch
  • Creative Aging Session
  • Keynote, Crystal Williams
  • Performance, (Lindsey) Bourassa Dance
  • Performance, Chicks With Sticks
  • Performance, Karen Montanaro
  • Presenter, Crista Cloutier
  • Presenter, Cheryl Hulteen
  • Keynote, Pam Breaux
  • Keynote, Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Performance, (Lindsey) Bourassa Dance
  • Presenter, Amanda Houtari


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What Did you Miss?! 

The Maine International Conference on the Arts

October 6-7



Our second Maine International Conference on the Arts was a success!


How do we know? The participants and attendees have been telling us so – both anecdotally to Maine Arts Commission staff while at the conference, as well as afterwards and through the nearly 40% of attendees who have submitted conference evaluations.


Attendees are telling us they loved the Thursday pre-conference sessions on Cultural Equity, Arts Education, and Craft and Traditional Arts Apprenticeships, as well as poet Crystal Williams’ opening night keynote, “Getting to Cultural Equity.”


They’ve also told us that the Idea Lab was an inspiring and useful way to start the day; that the Building Capacity sessions on Board governance and nonprofit life cycles were very valuable, as was one of two special, national workshops we presented, Matt Lerhman’s Audiences Everywhere. They appreciated the Cultural Tourism track, a collaboration between the Arts Commission and the Maine Office of Tourism; and LOVED the pop-up performances embedded into the regular conference flow.


The Commission is grateful to its many conference partners and sponsors, and to the Lewiston Auburn communities, for making these two days possible and successful.