Biennial Arts Ed Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops


The Maine Arts Education: The Measure of Success conference will provide a full day of professional development with an afternoon of two 75-minute sessions where you will be able to explore two topics at a deeper level designed for everyone in the arts education community.

The format is unique to meet the needs of multiple learners. Below are the workshop titles, descriptions, photos and bios of the workshop presenter, and a 1-minute video with more information about the workshop. Each workshop is being presented twice during the afternoon for 75 minutes (each). During the morning all participants will be presented a FIVE X FIVE which will consist of 5 minute presentations, 5 images from each of the nine workshop presenters. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about more than just the two topics that you select to attend during the afternoon workshop scheduled time. In addition, to the workshops all resources will be provided online for anyone to access. The workshop topics were selected based on the feedback that MAAI has received from the thousands of teachers who have attended other MAAI workshops/conferences/summits in the past.

For a PDF workshop schedule, please click here


Studio Habits of Mind: Using the "Hidden Curriculum" to Encourage Student Autonomy

Join us in our exploration of assessment and proficiency using the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM). This workshop will present a practical look at how we came to understand and use the constructs of Studio Thinking in our classrooms to promote independent, self-directed learning. We believe that the 8 dispositions can enable students to gain a successful educational experience. You will gain hands-on knowledge of these habits and leave with strategies to use your own classroom.
Grades PK-12 All Educators

Presenters: Theresa Cerceo and Jane Snider

Making Maine and ME

Arts Integration Connections - Architectural Letters combine personal and historical narratives. (Art and Social Studies) Narrative collages help students make connections from the past to the present as they explore literacy, creative problem solving, collaboration, technology, critical thinking and self-expression. Apply 21st Century learning skills in this hands-on art-making workshop. Practice setting criteria for assessment and examine holistic and analytic rubrics.
Grades PK-12 All Educators

Presenter: Jennie Driscoll

Evaluating Individual Proficiency within the Large Ensemble

Join us to take a look at exemplars from both band and choral ensembles at all levels of schooling. We will discuss what critical skills are being demonstrated (or not being demonstrated!) and how students can be evaluated for individual proficiency. Workshop participants will come away with concrete indicators they can bring back to their own ensembles in their schools. We will also discuss how we can differentiate for students who have trouble meeting those indicators and also more accelerated students who need to be challenged at a higher level. Our discussion will take place both as a large group and as smaller round table discussions at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
Grades PK-12 Music

Presenter: Jen Etter

Dancing With the Creative Process: How to incorporate standards-based dance and movement activities in classroom learning and assessment

This experiential workshop will guide arts teachers and teaching artists through a series of powerful yet simple creative movement and dance making explorations that are standards-based, and well suited to integrate with any content area. You will learn basic movement tools and a dance making activity that you can implement – no dance background needed - to help your students explore classroom content and engage in creative problem solving together. Teachers of all arts disciplines are welcome.
Grades PK-12 All Educators

Presenter: John Morris


Preparing for Evaluation

In 2012 An Act to Ensure Effective Teachers and School Leaders was signed into law in Maine. School districts across the state are working towards implementation of evaluative methods for teachers. Writing rigorous assessments that measure student growth is a critical component of this work. Unpacking the law will help participants understand the potential impact on visual and performing arts teachers. Discussing and developing high quality assessments will help guide future work in your classroom.
Grades PK-12 All Educators

Presenters: Jen Nash, MaryEllen Schaper and Jeff Beaudry


Empathy, Kindness and Wonder, Arts Integration at Work

Arts Integration has the potential for us to grow alongside our students. Using the creative arts in our teaching allows us to deepen our relationships, strengthen our actions, and continue our questions. During the workshop participants will explore, share, and question elements of an arts integrated approach. The workshop will provide a variety of arts experiences, allowing us to apply our personal understanding to our teaching practice. Be prepared to journal, share findings and questions, and participate in storytelling, drama, and movement activities. (Please know, there
is always the right to pass and observe.)
Grades PK-12 All Educators

Presenter: Lindsay Pinchbeck


Brains on Fire: How Research on the Brain Can Inform Arts Education

What implications can research on brain development have on arts education? What is the role of the arts in learning? How are common myths about the brain hampering teaching? Come learn about some of the latest research on neuroscience and brain development and learn how you can build a compelling case to enhance arts programming in your school. A wealth of resources will be shared.
PK-12 All Educators

Presenter: Catherine Ring


From Cool to Tool: Technology Integration with Student Learning in Mind

When technology is purposefully and meaningfully integrated into a lesson, it can lead to deeper understanding while offering new outlets of creativity. From 3D printing, to remix, mashup and improv, we are sure to have something of interest to you. Need tech tips for management and organization of materials? We can do that too.
Grades PK-12 All Educators

Presenters: Kate Smith, Jeff Bailey and Dan Ryder


Proficiency Based Learning: An Advocacy Story

This session will present strategies for continued implementation of PBL in your own classroom, and highlight the powerful corollary advocacy points that go along with each. If our advocacy efforts have been so useful for the past 20 years, why are we still so much in need of more? Come find out how our most recent PBL work has the potential to finally push arts education to the forefront of our school's academic agenda while providing the richest, most relevant curriculum possible for our students.
PK-12 All Educators

Presenter: Rob Westerberg