Farmington Mega-Regional Workshops


2013-14 Mega-Regional Workshops

The Mega-regional workshops will take place in four locations to provide all-day free professional development opportunities in arts education. The cost is $20 per person and five and a half contact hours are available for full-day participation. The workshop facilitators are the MAAI teacher leaders from all three phases. All participants must pre-register. Join us for this unique opportunity!

Dates and Locations

November 26, 2013 Ellsworth High School

January 13, 2014 University of Maine, Farmington (Cancelled)

March 7, 2014 University of Southern Maine, Portland

April 11, 2014 University of Maine, Orono

All Mega-regional workshops will take place between 8:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. 


  • 8:15am: Registration begins
  • 8:45am: Opening Session Morning Workshops
  • 9:10 -10:20am: Session I
  • 10:20 -10:35am:Break
  • 10:35 - 11:45am: Session II
  • Lunch 11:45am - 12:45pm: Participants on their own (Ellsworth site only: Student Council providing lunch for a donation)
  • 12:45 - 3:00pm Afternoon workshops: Session III Large group


Breakout Workshops 1:00 - 2:00pm

The Arts and Proficiency: What, Why and How?

Let’s work together to explore what is proficiency in the arts? How do teachers in the arts articulate what proficiency is? What does proficiency look like at different grade levels? Either as a veteran of standards-based work or just curious to know more, this interactive session will get to the heart of the fundamental questions we have in front of us in Maine. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring samples of student work, including recorded and/or visual artworks.


Breakout Workshops 2:00 - 3:00pm

Think Tanks on Technology

This interactive session will focus on technology and its importance in our 21st Century arts programs in Maine. Topics will include the Media Arts National Core Arts Standards draft, practical usage for facilitating arts assessment and communicating results, creative ways of utilizing technology, Digital Arts and Music programs, and hands-on learning of technology. We have much to share and much to learn from each other, so be ready for engaging discussions, demonstrations and questions about technology and 21st Century arts programs.  


3:00 - 3:15pm Closing - Door prize

Contact hours

There will be 5.5 contact hours provided at the completion of all three sessions at each Mega-regional workshop.


University of Maine Farmington (Cancelled)


Session 1

Maine Learning Results: Guiding your Ensemble Curriculum


This workshop will encourage the participant to look beyond the concert to developing life-long arts producers and consumers in the ensemble setting. Suggestions to meet each of the Maine Learning Results and tools for assessment will be shared. Grades 6-12


Sue Barre Waterville Junior and Senior High Schools Music



Stick Figures and Finger Painting -Dispelling myths about elementary art programs



This workshop will focus on the connection between assessment and communication to inform all stakeholders - students, parents, administrators, and communities - about the learning experiences that take place in an elementary art program. Participants will take away strategies for assessing proficiency in achieving MLR standards, and how to share this information in a variety of creative ways. Grades PK-2 (easily adapted for older students)


Lisa Ingraham Madison Elementary School Visual Arts
Guerilla Advocacy –Embracing shameless promotion on behalf of students and Arts programs



This workshop is designed to help educators overcome professional humbleness. Explore strategies used to communicate the quality of teaching and learning that is a unique element of your studio/rehearsal/classroom. Participants are encouraged to bring a pen drive and a device to access the Internet. Grades PK-12 All Arts


Suzanne Goulet Waterville Senior High School Visual Arts

Session 2

Working Backwards from a Great Art Lesson to Standards and Assessments


In this workshop participants will see how one art teacher starts with a great art lesson, finds connections to the Maine Learning Results standards and then creates assessments to provide evidence for meeting those standards. Participants will have the opportunity to start with one of their own great art lessons and follow the same process of connecting MLR standards to the lesson and assessments. Participants will understand how to unpack a standard and how to match an assessment to that standard. Grades 6-8


Gloria Hewett Mount View Middle School Visual Arts
Monitoring Arts Students' Progress in Meeting Graduation Standards


This workshop will guide participants in the task of unpacking an arts standard to provide clear tasks that students understand. The unpacked standard will then be used to create a capacity matrix to identify and monitor individual student proficiency in meeting the standards for high school graduation. Strategies of using assessments in a formative way to guide student learning will be shared. Grades 9-12


Bill Buzza Edward Little High School Music
Assessing Student Performance in Your Classroom


In an effort to create more engaging classrooms many teachers are incorporating performance into their classrooms. In this workshop we will explore how to effectively design and assess these performances according to the theater standards. Grades 6-12


Beth Lambert Carrabec High School Performing Arts


You can register for each mega-regional workshop through Constant Contact. Here you will be able to select the workshop of your choice and will be directed to a payment site to complete your reservation. Please consider registering for either the March 7, 2014 University of Southern Maine, Portland or April 11, 2014 University of Maine, Orono mega-regional workshop.


Program Contact Information

For information about any of the Maine Arts Commission’s arts in education funding opportunities or programs, please contact Argy Nestor at 207/ 287-2713 or by email at .vog.eniam@rotsen.ygra