Good Idea Grant 2011
Lisa Pixley 
Lisa Pixley

“Pheasant (Orange)”

Grant: $1,500The grant supports the creation of a new series of work. Lisa is an artist formally trained as a painter that has found a new voice in a body of work comprised of prints and drawings. This series is a study of animals (bears, dogs, fowl and rodents) and objects (axes, trucks, knives and construction/farm equipment). She is using these subjects to articulate ideas of maternity and masculinity, survival, beauty and brutality.


Frank Menair
Frank Menair

Projectotrain: Siblings

Grant: $1,500The grant supports Projectotrain. This is the projection of images onto moving trains, which Frank then photographs and records with video. Each Projectotrain photograph is an exercise in drawing with light, which occurs within a very short span of time. The Good Idea Grant funding would be used to find unity of content, context, and meaning. I aim to have the images on the train relate to the train, the world at a large, or my relationship to it.


Justin Richel
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports an installation at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. The installation will be part of a group exhibition entitled “Wall Works,” which is open to the public May 28 with an opening reception on June11, 2011. The exhibition focuses on installation works.
Andrea M. Sulzer
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports the making of new work for the exhibition “Emerging Dis/Order: Drawings” by Amy Stacey Curtis, Alison Hildreth, and Andrea Sulzer opening at Bates College Museum of Art in June 2011. This show is part of the statewide Drawing Project. The grant helps purchase paper and other expendable drawing supplies, frames, and a digital projector, which will be used for current and future projects.
Jeff Badger
Grant: $1,500The grant supports a multi-media installation. The main element is a large bird’s nest structure, approximately four feet in diameter, made out of interwoven wires, circuit boards, and other assorted broken electronic detritus.
Michelle Lewis
Grant: $995TThis grant supports attendance at the Poetry Manuscript Conference - An opportunity for critique and evaluation of a manuscript-in-progress from publishers and editors, including manuscript preparation workshops and editor consultations.
Matthew Schreiber
Grant: $1,497This grant supports attendance at the Amala School in Valjevo, Serbia to study the Romani language and deepen knowledge of Romani accordion music.
Dan Dowd
Grant: $1,500This grant supports "Anna Hepler's Head," an installation that will take place at Coleman Burke Gallery in Brunswick, Maine.
Lindsey Bourassa
Grant: $1,500This grant supports Flamenco Dance Training at el Centro de Arte y Flamenco de Sevilla. This is nine months of flamenco dance training in Seville, Spain that is designed to professionalize students in the art of flamenco dance.
Kim Bernard
Grant: $1,408This grant supports the creation of a time lapse video
Andrew Jawitz
Grant: $1,500This grant supports The Life, Death, and Rebirth of Public Space: a short film about rural transportation.
Ian Paige
Grant: $1,500This grant supports the Whispering Alter - an immersive electro-acoustic installation piece featuring analog and digital sound loops housed in a sculptural, altar-like form.
Evan W.Haynes
Grant: $1,500This grant supports a Maine/New Brunswick border survey photo project.
Jefferson Navicky
Grant: $1,320This grant supports the writing of the final play in the Redwing Solitaire play cycle.
Gary Bushee
Grant: $1,500The grant supports the “Aeolian Harp,” a stone and steel sculpture installation that sings in the wind.
Nathan Eldridge
Grant: $1,500The grant money will support the Portraits of the Public Book Project. This photography portrait project is ongoing for about five years; the funds will assist with the publishing of a coffee table book.
Sumner McKane
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports "In The Blood,” a live multimedia exhibit illustrating the lives of 19th century Maine lumbermen, combining original composition and oral histories with visual media to tell a story. It will be performed live.
Rick Green
Grant: $425The grant money supports taking pictures to use as reference for painting.
Ethan Hayes-Chute
Grant: $1,500The grant supports an artist-in-residence program in Eastern Iceland.
Carl Dimow
Grant: $1,500The grant money aides film music composition for composing, arranging, rehearsing and recording original music for the documentary film Mon-noM, by Belgian director Olivier Hespel.
Shannon Rankin
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports creating a new body of work for two upcoming exhibitions.
Amy Stacey Curtis
Grant: $1,500The grant money will support “SPACE,” the seventh solo biennial interactive installation. This installation will open October 6-26, 2012, throughout at least 30,000 square feet within one of Maine's mills, re-energizing unused space.
Karen Montonaro
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports the creation of a new body of work that includes two new stage pieces, new costumes, new lighting plots and theatrical transitions between work.
John Farrell
Grant: $1,500The grant aides the “Four Quartets,” a recitation from memory of T.S. Eliot's master work, accompanied by music and lighting.
Adriane Herman
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports the project, “Stacking Up Influence,” photographs of books in artist studios who have been influential throughout the artist’s career.
Richard III Keen Jr.
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports a solo exhibition at Coleman Burke Gallery in Brunswick, Maine.
Alison M. Kuller
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports “Curiosities from the Lab,” research on unusual rare books via interviews with conservators.
Sage Lewis
Grant: $1,500The grant supports studio upgrades and supplies for creation of new work.
Michel Droge
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports a project culminating in an installation of a series of new paintings and a sound recording derived from interviews with fishermen, sailors and their families.
Megan O’Connell
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports the fabrication expenses for a solo installation at 37-A Wharf Street, Portland. These expenses include the sandblasting of stone, paper casting, magnesium plates, and custom woodworking.
Kris Sader
Grant: $1,500The grant money aides in the development and testing of a traveling print bag that allows for low impact print "sketch" making.
Morrigan McCarthy
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports Geography of Youth, a 3.5 year, 30,000+ mile bicycle ride around the world that will be documented through photographs, writing, audio, and video. It will highlight what life is like for people in their twenties all around the globe.
Sarah Bouchard
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports a Masonic Temple Installation. This is a large-scale public installation within the Corinthian Hall.
Tanja Alexia Hollander
Grant: $1,500The grant money supports "Are you really my friend? The Facebook Portrait Project.” This project will result in a collection of photographs of facebook "friends" in their homes.
Geoffrey Warner Studio
Grant: $1,500The grant money will allow Geoffrey the time for the creative process of developing design ideas on paper, as well as building small models of new furniture ideas. A GIG award enables Warner to step out of the shop, deliberately creating design time, while his assistant continues with furniture production.

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