Good Idea Grant 2012

Anna Helper 

Anna Helper

Grant: $1,500This grantwill support training in welding latticed steel and aluminum forms. For the past 10 years, the artist has been constructing latticed sculptural forms from a variety of materials such as plastic, wire, tape, thread and paper. By learning welding, she will be capable of constructing gigantic and sturdy latticed sculptures that have a technical elegance far surpassing similar past work. Welding will allow her to contemplate new contexts for artwork such as permanent public commissions, interior and exterior spaces and constructing work that relates directly to large architectural volumes.


Matthew Schreiber
Matthew Schreiber

Grant: $1,500This grant will support new work scoring a silent film made from historically significant footage recorded by the artist’s grandfather Julius Schreiber from 1938-1956. Once the film has been edited to a length suitable for public screening, the artists will score the film for a musical ensemble of accordion, violin and double bass, direct the ensemble, and arrange public viewings of the film with accompanying live music at SPACE Gallery in Portland, as well as venues in Rockland and Bar Harbor. The artist views the project as an opportunity to create new work that is artistically challenging, publically engaging and of deep personal relevance.


Annie Bailey
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the purchase of animation equipment and software for a maritime culture stop-motion animation project.
Joseph Conway
Grant: $1,500This grant will support a book that documents second generation back-to-the landers returning to Maine to farm. It investigates the evolution of the movement and its place within Maine’s culture.
Cynthia Caroline Davis
Grant: $1,500This grant will support new work exploring the migrations between textile and mapping matrix.
Kathleen Florance
Grant: $1,250This grant will support professional development in the field of advanced printmaking techniques.
Matthew Foster
Grant: $1,373This grant will support the acquisition of tools for the creation of a professional blacksmith studio where the artist will create new works including forged steel and stone.
Meggan Gould
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the creation of photographs of analog camera viewfinders.
Derek Kimball
Grant: $1,500This grant will support a music and performance project exploring issues around desire, HIV and AIDS, and isolation versus community
Ben Potter
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the production of sculpture and installation work expanding the artist’s investigations into patterns in the landscape.
Peter Gruner Shellenberger
Grant: $1,500This grant will support After Tesla, twenty photographs using high-powered flash bulbs (140,000 lumens) influenced by previously directed experiments but made in densely populated spaces using spontaneous/street photography.
Jennifer Wilkey
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the creation of a new body of work related to living in Maine and human relationships.
Kyle Bryant
Grant: $1,500This grant supports Growing Season, a project that combines original woodblock prints and hip hop music to create a visual and auditory experience of one man's journey into adulthood.
Titus Abbott
Grant: $1,500This grant will support a New Performance Serie. Improvised Music ensembles will be brought together to create new work in concert with spoken word and other musical genres presenting existing or new work.
Jeffrey Clancy
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the creation of new work in silversmithing.
Kenny Cole
Grant: $1,500This grant will support Darfur at Our Doorstep, new hand drawn text drawings that explore the historic circumstances that have caused refugees from Darfur to arrive in Portland, Maine.
Rori Cremer
Grant: $1,000This grant will support Dash: miniature figures interactacting with their life-size environment in Portland, Maine illustrating human vulnerability and hope.
Ethan Hayes-Chute
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the purchase of fine woodworking tools to execute a series of small-scale sculptures.
Lorem Ipsum
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the projection and presentation The Threepenny Opera by Lorem Ipsum
Andy Rosen
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the use recent advances in 3D scanning, AutoCAD carving and 3D printing technologies, to make a series of hybrid hand/autoCAD carved sculptures.
Aaron T. Stephan
Grant: $1,500This grant will support Pile, an interactive sculptural and culinary performance
Edwige Charlot
Grant: $1,500This grant funded the I.M.Migration project which seeks to reconcile the disconnection between the places the artist knows as home and the places she identify as being a part of her home culture.
Devin Dobrowolsk
Grant: $1,500This grant supported The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga: illustrations for an animated fairy tale.
David Meiklejohn
Grant: $1,500This grant supported camera equipment upgrades to make poetic videos with The Telling Room students.
Julie Poitras Santos
Grant: $1,500This grant will support the creation of new work for an exhibition titled A Thickening Rhythm at Coleman Burke Gallery in Brunswick, ME, in Spring 2012.
Daniel Sonenberg
Grant: $1,500This grant supported a composition titled Fathead 41 for piano and percussion.

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