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MICA Conference FAQ


Before the Conference

Is the Maine International Conference on the Arts right for me?

  • The Maine International Conference on the Arts is designed to bring greater connectivity across artistic disciplines throughout New England, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Visual artists, performing artists, community arts leaders, festival operators, venue managers, curators, art teachers, teaching artists, artist managers, agents and producers are all encouraged to attend.
  • Service organizations will be able to connect with constituents and share information on programs, funding opportunities and to conduct organizational business with each other. The conference also offers opportunities for municipalities, community organizations and regional development groups that are interested in developing their creative economy resources.
  • Presenters will have multiple opportunities to discover performing artists from a range of disciplines. The conference offers networking and business opportunities for organizations of all sizes who seek bookings for their programming.

How do I register for the conference?

  • Registration is done through the Collins Center ticketing system. Details, including fees and deadlines are on the Registration Page.
  • There is separate registration fee for the Maine International Conference on the Arts and the Leading the Way conference. However there is a reduced cost ticket to attend both events.
  • After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation via email.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

  • You can get a full refund for conference registration up to a week prior to the conference (October 16).

Can Students attend the conference?

  • Yes. Undergraduate and graduate-level students are encouraged to attend. All students can attend the showcases portion for free with a valid student ID. A full conference pass will offer opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge about the field at the professional development sessions.

Are there scholarships or other forms of support?

How do I sign up for events at the Saturday evening in Bangor?

  • Saturday evening offers conference attendees the opportunity to explore the creative offerings of the region on their own. At 6:00 p.m. the offerings at the Collins Center will pause allowing attendees the freedom to take in a show, visit a gallery and dine at one of the area restaurants. From 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. a reception will be held at the University of Maine Museum of Art in the Bangor downtown arts district.
  • There are several events one can attend. You should contact the venue directly to reserve your seat or purchase a ticket. Please see Entertainment Page for details.

Who do I notify if I have special needs?

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

What should I do to prepare for the conference?

  • Visit the conference website, sign up for email updates and plan your event activities before you arrive.
  • Review the list of conference attendees (posted in September).
  • Schedule meetings and coordinate with other attendees using the conference contact list.

What is the conference attendee list?

  • The conference attendee list offers attendee names and websites as a benefit to conference registrants to help them network at the conference and stay in touch after.
  • The conference attendee list will not be sold or traded to third parties.

Can I submit an idea for a professional development session or speaker?

  • Proposals received by March are considered for that year’s Conference. Suggestions received later in the year will be reviewed and considered for the following Conference.
  • Suggestion form can be accessed online.

During the Conference

What can I expect from the conference format?

  • Leading the Way will offer a full day of sessions focusing on arts education.
  • MICA takes place over a period of three days. Each day’s schedule consists of a series of events. Professional development sessions will offer knowledge and skill building, showcases will highlight performing artists, The Exchange room will be a place to do business and continue conversations with session leaders, peer meetings will help connect people in similar sectors and keynotes will provide overarching conference themes. Be ready to learn and, make friends, and conduct business.

Will meals be provided?

  • Leading the Way will offer coffee in the morning and a meal voucher for lunch.
  • MICA offers some meals for participants. (See schedule for details)
  • All meals will have vegetarian options

Where do I park my car?

  • For the conference there is a large parking lot outside the Collins Center facility where conference attendees can park for free.
  • There will be shuttle service from conference hotels to downtown Bangor for the Friday in Bangor events.

Will there be internet service?

  • You will have free access to the internet through the university network.

What is the Exchange room?

  • The Exchange room offers an opportunity to market and promote artists, products and creative services. The room where presenters, artists, managers, and agents meet and explore booking options together. It is also a place where professional development session leaders will be available to discuss their work and provide one on one council to conference attendees. It is a place to conduct business with vendors that provide services and an area to promote ones organization.

How do I buy a booth in the Exchange room?

How do I get the most out of networking and meetings?

  • Use the attendee contact info to research who is coming to the conference.
  • Take notes as you research
  • Bring your business cards and an up-to-date schedule so you can talk about openings in your or your artists’ schedules.
  • Practice your “elevator speech” before you get onsite so you can concisely describe what you/your artists do in one minute or less.
  • Be prepared to email or mail your press materials, recordings, etc. post-conference.