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Arts residencies in Maine invite all kinds of creative people to work and share ideas in some of the most beautiful settings in America. Some residencies are part of large institutions, while others operate independently or with modest backing. There is no single model, and the expectations and requirements for various opportunities vary greatly. Sometimes residents become involved in a community – sometimes they are secluded, with time to focus on their individual practice in near isolation.

Residencies in Maine exist in urban spaces, rural environments, and natural settings. They offer artists time and space away from their regular routine so they can reflect, produce, and present. They also allow artists access to a new community; to meet new people, use new materials, and experience life in a different location. Please contact Kerstin Gilg at the Maine Arts Commission if you would like your Maine residency listed on this page (vog.eniam@glig.nitsrek). 

Residencies in New Brunswick, AAAPNB list can be found here:

Residencies in New Brunswick, ArtsNB list can be found here:


Maine College of Art (Portland) - Multiple opportunities for students and alumni. 

University of Southern Maine Residency (Portland) - A program with the mission to create temporary projects in the greater community.


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (Acadia) - Designed to foster artistic exploration at the highest level, and those selected attend for free.

Maine Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Scholarship (Midcoast) - Scholarships encourage talented individuals who could not otherwise afford to attend courses.


Acadia National Park Artist-in-Residence (Acadia) - Encourages accomplished, professional artists to create new ways for visitors to experience Acadia through the arts.

Ellis-Beauregard Residency Program (Midcoast)  - The residency program values innovation, experimentation and creative risk-taking in all genres.

Eureka Retreat (Mountains) - Residencies are for individuals, couples, or small groups interested in focused studio time for physical theatre and better living.

Golden Apple Residency (Acadia) - Four artists are accepted into two-week sessions. Lodging, private studio space and all meals are provided.

Hewnoaks Artist Residency (Kennebec Valley) - For emerging and mid-career artists and curators in all disciplines.

Hog Island Audubon Camp (Midcoast) - Rustic. Applicants should be in good health and able to walk the 6/10-mile uneven wooded path to the main campus. 

KISMET Foundation (Portland) - Exists to nourish creativity and to provide enriching experiences for artists and art lovers alike. 

Maine Farmland Trust, Fiore Residency (Midcoast) - Cross-pollination of creative disciplines— Farming and gardening, visual arts, writing, performance and research.

Monson Arts Residency (Mountains) -  Supports emerging and established visual artists and writers

Norton Island Residency (Acadia) - Hosts established writers, artists, and musicians in an extraordinarily beautiful and remote wilderness setting.

Tides Institute and Museum Residency (Acadia) -  Opportunities to visual artists from the U.S. and abroad to deepen and develop their practice.


Bearnstow Youth Fellowships (Kennebec Valley) -  An intensive summer program of dance; focusing on creative process, performance and teamwork.

Barn Arts Residency (Acadia) - Develop new works of performance in a pastoral and supportive environment.

Waterman’s Community Center, Female Playwrights Retreat (Midcoast) - Three 10-day retreats to developing female playwrights in late winter and early spring.


Arts are Elementary Residency (Midcoast) - Spark curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through arts integration in Brunswick elementary schools.

Eastern Frontier Education Foundation (Midcoast) - Host established writers, artists and musicians so they may develop and share their work.

Heliker-LaHotan Foundation (Acadia) - For mid-career artists of established ability between June and October.

Monhegan Artists' Residency (Midcoast) - Provides comfortable living quarters, studio space, a stipend of $150 per week, and time for visual artists to work.

Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture Residency (Kennebec Valley) - An intensive nine week program for emerging visual artists.

SPACE Residency (Portland) - Visual artists, filmmakers, writers, sound/media artists, collaborative groups, and curators who live outside of Maine are eligible to apply.

Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts Residency (Midcoast) - Providing space for artists working in clay to explore, experiment and reflect.

For more information please contact Kerstin Gilg
Director of  Grants and Accessibility 
Maine Arts Commission
207/ 287-6719 - vog.eniam@glig.nitsrek