Arts Education & Lifelong Learning Workshops

Arts Education & Lifelong Learning - Breakout 1

9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. — Passing Traditions to the Next Generation: Traditional Artists and their Apprentices

Workshop Description: Now in its 28th year, the Maine Arts Commission’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program helps communities sustain their culture through supporting master artists teaching their skills to the next generation. Many of these masters are also elders, and this panel will explore their valuable role in the cultural life of their communities. Featuring Master Artist Molly Neptune Parker, Passamaquoddy basket maker and her apprentice Sydney Farrar; and Master Artist Thomas Cote, Acadian woodcarver, and his apprentice Kennedy Bencivenga. Panelists will share their experiences in the Apprenticeship Program and explore the ways intergenerational connections are strengthened by the passing on of traditional values and expressions.

Kathleen Mundell     Molly Neptune     

Presenters: Kathleen Mundell, Cultural Resources, Inc.; Molly Neptune Parker, Traditional Passamaquoddy Basketmaker; Tom Cote, Acadian Woodcarver

Arts Education & Lifelong Learning - Breakout 2

11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. — How Do Teaching, Learning and Assessment Work Together In A Positive, Productive Standards-Based Visual and Performing Arts Classroom?

Workshop Description: The use of “standards” and “assessments” in visual and performing arts (VPA) education have been discussed, planned for, and developed over many years. A panel of educators will share the work they have underway. Participants are invited to join the conversation - bring your thoughts, questions, and curiosity on why standards and assessments are used in the arts.

John Morris

Presenters: Jen Etter, York Middle School; Kelly Hrenko, University of Southern Maine; Michele Kaschub, University of Southern Maine; Holly Leighton, Mattanawcook Academy; John Morris, Teaching Artist 

Facilitator: Jeff Beaudry, University of Southern Maine

Arts Education & Lifelong Learning - Breakout 3

2:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m. — When Teaching Artists and Arts Teachers Connect, Students Win!

Workshop Description: During the past 4 years, teaching artists and arts educators in the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative have collaborated to provide meaningful, purposeful and authentic learning opportunities for students. Educator collaborations provide opportunities for learners that can surpass what a teacher, working alone, can offer. Hear the stories from these collaborators, bring your questions, share your experiences and imagine the possibilities in more Maine schools and communities.

Brian Evans-Jones     Tim Christensen     John Morris

Presenters: Kris Bisson, Marshwood Middle School & Brian Evans-Jones, Teaching Artist; Tim Christensen, Teaching Artist & Lori Spruce, Brewer High School; Carmel Collins, Lake Region High School & John Morris, Teaching Artist

Facilitator: Kate Smith

Arts Education & Lifelong Learning - Breakout 4

3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. — Empowering Your Voice for Arts Education

Workshop Description: We often underestimate the power of our passion and voice for arts education.  Yet, we’ve seen students, educators, artists, arts organizations and community members find their voice, build their stories and messages, back them up with research and evidence, and become leaders and advocates for arts education in powerful ways.  In this session, we will explore ways to empower our voices, use helpful resources that are just clicks away, and be on our way to making an impact with our hopes and dreams for the arts in education!

Catherine Ring

Presenter: Catherine Ring, New England Institute for Teacher Education