Building Resilience for Artists and Arts Leaders
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KEYNOTE: Building Resilience in An Age of Uncertainty for Artists and Arts Leaders - Beth Kanter


12 p.m. - 1 p.m. - January 12, 2021

Keynote -  60 minutes

(Presentation w/ Q&A)

Working remotely during a pandemic, financial crises, civil unrest, and a seemingly endless list of overlapping emergencies has undeniably added more stress to our lives. Not only have our in-person offices pivoted to virtual or semi-virtual, but our routines and program delivery have been disrupted. 

It is important to focus on your team’s connection to each other and a culture of wellbeing, especially when our couches are our water coolers. It is time to encourage more employee engagement, trust, and balance in the face of extreme uncertainty. We also have to encourage staff to maintain work/life balance and practice self-care.

Join Beth Kanter (, nonprofit thought leader, virtual facilitator, and author of the Happy Healthy Nonprofit, for an interactive keynote session on how to build your personal resilience and calm during a time of high anxiety.  She will facilitate an engaging session on Zoom while sharing tips to help you maintain work/life balance during this difficult time and help you succeed in a post-COVID world.


  • Understand work-life balance practices that many nonprofit professionals are embracing to ensure their resilience while working virtually.

  • Get some practical tips creating a robust culture of wellbeing that is supportive of all and simple and low cost ways to introduce wellbeing programs into your workplace.

Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter is an author, virtual facilitator and trainer and is internationally recognized thought leader in digital transformation, networks, and wellbeing in the workplace with over 35 years of providing capacity building for nonprofits and foundations.  She named one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company and one of the BusinessWeek’s “Voices of Innovation,” Beth is the co-author of the award winning Network Nonprofit books and The Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Strategies for Impact without Burnout ( Her clients include  Packard Foundation Resilience Initiative, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Save the Children, Counterpart International, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and others.