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Jeffery Becton—One of Maine’s most talented contemporary artists, Jeffery Becton’s work utilizes familiar visuals from the ocean, the sky, and other natural scapes found in and around Becton’s Deer Isle home and homes of others on the Atlantic coast. Poetic and illusory his work combines “…primarily elements of photography as well as painting, drawing, and scanned materials, the techniques I use foster and give form to visual ambiguities, reexamining the boundaries of mixed media and creating altered realities that merge into images rich in symbolism both personal and archetypal.” 

 Jeffery Becton
 Winter is Coming, 23.5" x 28.5"
 Digital montage realized as archival pigment
 Jeffery Becton
 Digital montage realized as archival pigment


Barbara Applegate—Applegate permanently relocated from Philadelphia to Penobscot Bay in 1996 and now maintains her studio/gallery in the beautiful village of Bristol Mills on the Pemaquid Peninsula. 

Describing her work, Applegate says, "I paint air. The color and texture of the air and how to recreate it with daubs of oil paint on canvas is the driving influence in my artwork."

Her award-winning canvases are represented in galleries throughout the country and have been featured in numerous publications, including American Art Collector, American Art Review, and American Artists.

 Barbara Applegate
 Morning Mist, Monhegan (study), 8x10, oil
 Barbara Applegate
 Windy Day, Marshalls Point, 18x24, oil



Traditional Arts Apprenticeship

The Maine Arts Commission began the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program in 1990 with the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Folk and Traditional Arts Program.

Since its inception, the Apprenticeship Program has supported over 100 apprenticeships in Maine, ranging from Somali Bantu basket weaving to Downeast wooden boat building. Based on experience and commitment to their art, master artists select an apprentice to teach for an extended period of time, usually a year. More than just one-on-one instruction, apprenticeships help communities maintain and celebrate their cultural traditions.

 Apprentice, Shannon Secord      Photo: Peter Dembski


North Light Gallery

represents the artists who paint the interior of Maine, with an emphasis on Katahdin. Many of the artists in this exhibition are also included in the publication The Art of Katahdin. Mount Katahdin has been a source of inspiration for well over a century, as is well-documented in the book, written by David Little and published last year by DownEast. Included in the contemporary section of the book is North Light Gallery in Millinocket, Maine.

    Aerial Early Winter on Katahdin From Where the Osprey Sits Golden Road Marsh II Katahdin from Sandy Stream Pond Mt Katahdin and the Northern Lights Spirit of Katahdin Lake Woman with Mountain

Ben's Camp - Boat House 1

John Orcutt
Ben's Camp - Boat House 1
Canvas Print


Brian Krebs

employs various layers of geometric abstraction to achieve a sense of realism that has developed over the years into a colorful and striking vision of the Maine landscape. His work can be seen online at and at Landing Gallery, located at 8 Elm Street in Rockland. Krebs, who lives in Warren, earned a bachelor's degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, where he studied philosophy and mathematics. His work has been exhibited throughout the midcoast and is included in many collections locally and abroad.

    Across Eight and Three Alfred Lake Birches Clary Hill - July Clary Hill - June Clary Hill - May Colman Island Floats Under Bristol Kaleidoscope Island Dreams II Leafless and Cloudy Poolside Rowboat in Camden Harbor Softly the Sky Bends Spruce Island

Ben's Camp - Boat House 1

John Orcutt
Ben's Camp - Boat House 1
Canvas Print

John Orcutt and Cynthia Orcutt

are fine art nature photographers and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Following a distinguished career as an architect - landscape architect team they have pursued their interest in creating an awareness of the necessity for active preservation of fragile places. Through their photographic images, they express the inherent beauty of areas endangered by easy public access and frequent visitation.

    Ben's Camp - Jeep Ben's Camp - Boat House 1 Ben's Camp - Boat House 2 Ben's Camp - Path to Camp Ben's Camp - Tackle Box Ben's Camp - Rods and Reels Ben's Camp - White Enamel Ben's Camp - Living Room Ben's Camp - Queen Atlantic Ben's Camp - Rangeley Boat Bigelow Moon Fog Morning at Flagstaff Lake Gold Edge at Flagstaff Lake Twisted Birch Pine in Blueberry Field Bigelow Range from Eustis Ridge Carrabassett River Snow Mounds Rock Pile in Blueberry Field Calligraphic Larch

Ben's Camp - Boat House 1

John Orcutt
Ben's Camp - Boat House 1
Canvas Print


Hugh VerrierSmall Bald Eagle

was born and raised on the rocky coast of Maine. He worked for many years as a tugboat captain, commercial fisherman and small business owner. This association with the sea has inspired his artistic work and he now owns and operates a gallery and studio on the shore of Flagstaff Lake in Eustis. Here he exhibits his unique watercolor sculptures that are formed from very heavy French paper into lovely birds and fish; these sculptures are then brought alive with watercolor.




Alden Grant

aerial view of valley

"Supper in the Cookshack" Alden Grant

is an 83 year old Maine guide, logging camp clerk and artist, painstakingly captures the history of the men who work in the northern woods. From the timber cruiser who surveyed the territory for viability, accessibility and sustainability to the men on the capstan raft who towed the boom down the lake, each individual work is a study of life in the 1915 to 1928 logging camps of the Rangeley Lakes Region of western Maine. 



Alexandra Tyng

aerial view of valley

"Back to the Lakes" Alexandra Tyng

began drawing and painting the Maine landscape as a teenager while staying at a nineteenth century rustic camp on one of Mount Desert Island’s lakes, and at her brother’s lighthouse home in Penobscot Bay. In the 1990s she began chartering planes so she could take reference photos of the glacially carved land formations of coastal Maine, which she uses as references to create large-scale paintings. She also paints panoramas from mountaintops, and closer, more intimate views of places. Every summer she spends several weeks painting outside on Mount Desert, Monhegan, Deer Isle and various other locations.



James Dodds

Dodds Boat

"North Norfolk Beach"

was born in the small fishing town of Brightlingsea, which is nestled on the east coast of England. He trained as a shipwright in the nearby town of Maldon before moving to London to study painting at both the Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. Dodds, who is a frequent visitor to Maine, has exhibited his stunning paintings and prints of boats throughout England and here in Maine at the Dowling Walsh Gallery.





Colin Page

Rocks to Climb

"RocksTo Climb On" Colin Page 2011

was raised in Baltimore, MD, and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. He transferred to Cooper Union with a concentration on painting. Upon graduation he lived in New York City for three years where he was an active member in the art world. In search of a more diverse landscape, Page moved to Maine where he found more time to devote to his art. Page creates all his work on site and focuses on capturing the atmosphere and light of a scene.

“Through painting, I share unexpected moments of beauty that I find in the space around me. Painting is how I share the poetry of experience.”



Jacobus Baas

Jacobus Farm

"Hay There" Jacobus Baas

was born in the Netherlands in 1945. He spent his early years in Rotterdam, surrounded by rich landscapes and cloud-laden skies made famous by the Dutch Masters throughout history. Baas arrived in the United States in his early teens with an interest in art already indelibly imprinted.

Baas has found the satisfaction he has been seeking…as a plein air artist. “Painting has become my full-time passion; there is no time to make jewelry. The act of applying paint to a canvas has always been intriguing to me. To transform a two-dimensional surface and give it a feeling of space with carefully arranged brushstrokes using the right colors and values is pure magic. Every time I paint on location, with each brushstroke I experience that magic again, and hopefully the viewer will experience it as well in the finished painting.”


Loretta Krupinski

Krapinski Dock

Tub Trawler, A Long Way from Gloucester

Originally from Long Island, New York, Loretta Krupinski moved to southeast coastal Connecticut, and currently lives in midcoast Maine. After graduating with a BA in fine arts from Syracuse University, Ms. Krupinski worked for many years as an illustrator and graphic designer, but has chosen to pursue a dual career as a maritime artist and an author and illustrator of 27 books for children. She has won numerous awards for both and is a Fellow in the American Society of Marine Artists.

“Throughout my life, I have lived around the water. My love of boating and beaches has been imprinted on me since I was a child. My talent is with marine subjects, that is, water, boats, rocks and harbors. An artist does their best work when they really know their subject and my marine art deals with realism and detail in oils on canvas.

“My pleasure at exhibiting at the Statehouse came from the widely varied viewers enjoying my paintings and gaining more knowledge from the stories that told of Maine maritime history than they knew before. Another reason I was so pleased to exhibit at the Statehouse was that my art traveled outside of gallery walls. A gallery is the most popular venue for an artist to exhibit; it is also the most insulated. By participating in the Art in the Capitol program, my art was seen by a much broader audience, many of which would not enter a gallery to view art.”)

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