Andersen Design Invited to Partner with 1stdibs

  • February 19, 2019

Andersen Design has been making slip cast functional forms and wildlife sculptures for the middle class market since 1952, but the times they are a changing, and so as the world turns, we have been presented with a creative opportunity to design a line for the luxury market for 1stdibs, the world's premier online marketplace for the luxury market in one of a kind collectibles, Andersen Design has been accepted for both the antiques and contemporary design categories .

This project is in the most preliminary stages in which we are designing the concept for line, which must then be accepted by 1stdibs on terms that allow us ample time to create the line.  As we are doing so, we must be planning for challenges in capitalization and setting up a state of the art design ceramic design and production studios. We are looking for a community with ordinances welcoming to businesses in the home, which is a preferred working environment for designer craftsmen. We want to develop a team of many talents in design and craftsman ship as well as other areas of entrepreneurial skills. In the age when everyone is thinking new tech, this is an opportunity to become a leader in ancient tech, which is forever incorporating new tech.

This project is a new turn of events for us but it is consistent with our vision of working collaboratively with independently owned ceramic studios, and with the continued production of our traditional line, established in 1952 with the philosophy of creating a hand made product, affordable to the middle classes. We feel that the two lines are complimentary in the designer-craftsmen process.

This is an opportunity to create an exciting new contemporary ceramic design studio using assets grown from historical roots.

Further information can be requested by Mackenzie Andersen at or Elise Andersen at


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