The meetinghouse Theatre Lab

P.O. Box 203, Steuben, ME 04680

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About the Artist

THE MEETINGHOUSE THEATRE LAB is an ensemble of performance artists that comes together for a season to excite the senses, push the limits, and transform the definition of "create"
with the aim of growing exponentially as performers and enriching the humanity of all involved.

With each production, we strive to create - literally - a ?meeting house,? where ensemble members and audience may come together as equals, all giving equally and fully, sharing and exchanging through the medium of the ?play.?

The THEATRE LAB productions are intimate - staged in, around and through the audience.
We come right down onto the floor, into the aisles - discarding the comfortable distance of the stage and breaking through the "fourth wall" - to immerse you in the conjured reality of each performance.

Engage your imagination to the fullest and enter our world... Join us at the MEETINGHOUSE.

Category: Performing Group

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Theatre

Contact Information

The meetinghouse Theatre Lab

P.O. Box 203
Steuben  ME  04680 


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