Diana L. Willette

P.O. Box 311, Unity, ME 04988

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About the Artist

I work in Bangor for Penobscot Valley Industries a division of Amicus supporting men and women with disabilities. As an artist this job has been very compatible to my belief in art as healing and as a powerful communication tool. Over the years I have had the satisfaction of seeing these individuals develop greater self esteem, self awareness, and become successful artists themselves. My group of artists are actively involved in exhibiting their work in the community and also design a yearly window display for Main One Travel in downtown Bangor.

As a teacher I have my hands into every media available to suit the needs of those I work with. I am a Print Maker at heart because I love the ability to combine a range of techniques while creating my imagery. My most recent work has been working with finger print patterns. After carefully studying the range of uses for fingerprints I have set out to question whether or not our finger prints are our own maps to our futures. I recently completed a body of work on relationships to people close to me.

In the work I used their fingerprint patterns along with my own to create images that depicts the different emotional aspects of those relationships. I selected specific finger print patterns for each of the individuals that best suited their personal characteristics based on my research findings.

This recent body of work is merely the beginning of my explorations into finger prints and other relationships I can make. For the past year and half I have also been battling illness. The study of Dermatoglyphics involves using finger print patterns to explore certain diseases that appear to be associated to certain finger print patterns. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful our unconscious minds can be.

Examples of my work are on display at the Blue Marble Gallery in downtown Waterville.

a.k.a. Diana Willette

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Printmaking

Contact Information

Diana L. Willette

P.O. Box 311
Unity  ME  04988