Nelda Warkentin

PO Box 334, Phillips, ME 04966

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About the Artist

I am a fiber artist with gallery representation in Anchorage AK and Boston MA. Since 1997, my work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. also, internationally, including the U.S. Embassies in Belgium, Russia and South Africa. Many public and private collections have acquired my quilts.

My art is about rhythm, pattern and common design elements found in Nature. For example, the arc created by a whale breeching and a raven swooping down is the same curved line.

My art also contrasts images in Nature with the architectural straight line. I create the straight line by constructing each work in sections. The line created where the sections join gives each work added interest. Color, which is created using layers of artist painted silk is used to convey light in a landscape or a mood or emotion.

Images found in the environment of western Maine are often my inspiration.

Category: Artist

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting

Contact Information

Nelda Warkentin

PO Box 334
Phillips  ME  04966 


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