COMPLEX TRANSITION: 'Call for Submissions' Extended to June 30th

  • March 17, 2021



Our lives today are in “Complex Transition,” (CT) an inflection point in which social, economic, political and cultural forces converge and fundamentally reshape our lives. These are the moments in history when societies and art transition from one era into another, when traditional values and ways are transformed into a new way of life, and artistic visions.

The project's Goal is to inform, that this 'transition' period movement is 'complex' and simultaneously in 'transition.'

We are seeking writers submissions, essays, statements, poetry, on the following topic: In approximately 500 words explain how social interactions and institutions have changed over the past decade and include the effect caused by other social and political forces.

Recognizing that we all are often prone to forget many of the events in current history, you will receive helpful Links that describe the significant events of the last decade, (2010-19). The e-pub and the thesis “Complex Transition” that you are asked to support in your written submission should focus on the last decade in America; the events and outcomes of this decade.

We will be creating a multimedia e-publication, with writing and images that address the social, economic and political period in American today. This publication will be distributed through e-book outlets. BY: ramblin/rose publications

Complex Transitions seeks an artist project grant from the Maine Arts Commission, FY 2021-22

  • If Project by Roland Salazar Rose is awarded a grant by MAC, writers selected for publication by historian, John Ripton, PhD will receive an honorarium of $100.

  • See how to submit and timeline: DETAILS ON SUBMISSION TO COMPLEX TRANSITION

  • For any additional information request by email: submit “Complex Transition” in Subject Line:




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