Request for Proposals: Public Art in Lewiston and Auburn

  • January 14, 2020

Request for Proposals: Public Art in Lewiston and Auburn


As part of a Maine Arts Commission Creative Communities = Economic Development (CCED)
grant to support the implementation of Cultural Plan LA , the Public Art Working Group of
Lewiston and Auburn invites proposals for public artwork that will activate a gateway or key
corridor within the community. Both new and existing works are eligible. The artwork may be
temporary or permanent. The submission deadline is 5:00 pm on Friday, February 14, 2020.
One work (or works) will be selected for installation in the City of Lewiston and another for
installation in the City of Auburn. Each project has a $25,000 budget. Projects may be installed
as early as May of 2020 and as late as August of 2021.


The CCED grant was awarded to the LA Metro Chamber of Commerce and L/A Arts in 2018 to
support implementation of Cultural Plan LA . Specifically, grant funding was awarded to “utilize
arts and culture to enhance LA’s image to attract residents, tourism, and new investment” and to
“further the position of arts and culture in local government.” Among other strategies for
achieving these goals, two works of public art will be installed, one i n each city, to generate
interest in and support for public art as a community-builder and driver of economic


Project budgets of up to $25,000 per project will be considered. A budget proposal must cover
all design, fabrication, transportation, documentation, insurance, and installation expenses. The
Commissioned Artist(s) will be required to provide evidence of appropriate liability, property
damage, and workers compensation insurance while working on the site.

Project Intent and Location

The artwork will be a signature work designed to engage the public and activate one of the
City’s gateways or key corridors. This might be an entrance into the downtown or another
neighborhood; a strategic location within a current or emerging economic development corridor;
or a strategic location along or within the river or a canal. The location will be publicly-owned or
controlled. The City of Auburn especially welcomes proposals that would activate Anniversary
Park in New Auburn. Questions regarding the viability of a proposed site may be submitted to .


Maine-based artists age 18 and over, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin,
gender identity, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical disability may
apply. Artist teams are eligible to apply, including teams of artists from multiple disciplines.

Selection Criteria

● An initial proposal that reflects Project Intent as described in this document, with
attention to the question of how the proposed artwork will activate or enhance the
proposed space and how it will engage diverse audiences, including the local
community, visitors, and tourists.
● A body of work reflecting artistic excellence as shown through vision, originality, and
understanding of craft.
● Experience working in public settings and public process.
● Experience fabricating and installing artwork suitable for the outdoor environment in
● Capacity to complete the proposal on time and within budget.

Selection Process

A Selection Review Committee (SRC) will evaluate submissions for the project. The SRC will
review the materials to determine whom to invite for a second round of evaluation. Artists
selected for the second round will receive a $500 design fee for refining their proposals. Final
proposals will include detailed models, drawings, renderings, samples of work, and/or materials
depending on the nature of the proposal. Please do not submit detailed models, drawings,
samples, or final proposals for the first round of the selection process. The SRC reserves the
right to solicit additional information from the artist(s) and to refuse any or all proposals. The
final recommended proposal will be subject to review and approval of the respective City

Submission Deadline and Required Materials

● Friday, February 14, 2020, 5:00 pm is the deadline for submission of materials. Materials
received after this date may be excluded from consideration.
● Materials must be submitted online in PDF format. All images must be in a jpg or PDF
format and sent via email to .
● Proposals must include:

○ A current resume for participating artist(s) (2 pages maximum). If submitting as a
team, an individual resume should be submitted for each team member.
○ A brief written proposal (2 pages maximum) describing your past work and how
you plan to address the potential site. Discuss what your concept and approach
will be in addressing the public art space(s) of the site, including environmental
and weather conditions. Please do not submit detailed models, samples, or final
proposals for this round of the selection process. A simple sketch may be
included to clarify your idea if desired.
○ An itemized budget estimate to give cost expectations (include design fees as
well as anticipated fabrication, transportation and installation costs). A more
precise budget may be requested for those invited past the first round.
○ A brief anticipated maintenance plan required for the artwork. Please do not
include this in the narrative of your proposal.
○ 5-10 digital images of at least three recent works . If an artist team or artist
organization applies, they may only submit five images for all artists. The optional
proposal sketch does not count as an image. (Please include any sketches with
the narrative portion of the proposal.) Do not upload A/V files of any kind. Only
jpg or PDF files are eligible for review.
Optional : Each artist may include up to three selections of support materials
such as reviews, news articles, web links, and other related information.



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