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Agency Maps

The Maine Arts Commission serves as a resource to the creative sector of Maine. This page highlights some of the maps that are used by various agency programs. More information about the programs can be found elsewhere on the agency site. Please click the map-flags to get more information about the individual points. 


2015-2016 Grants Map
The 2015-2016 Maine Arts Commission Grants Map lists individuals and organizations that received funding for projects taking place between July 2015 and July 2016.

This includes:

• Arts Learning Grants
• Artist Project Grants
• Creative Aging Grants
• Creative Community Planning Grants
• Maine Artist Fellowships
• Organization Development Grants
• Organization Project Grants
• Partnership Grants
• Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grants

Maine Percent for Art Map
The State of Maine Percent for Art Program is administered by the Maine Arts Commission. Since 1968 it has been responsible for 375 percent for art projects, employing more than 815 artists, who produced more than 813 works of art.

The artwork commissioned has taken many forms. Traditional representative sculpture, abstract wall-mounted works, projects that integrate artwork throughout the building in a holistic manner, are just a few of the categories that have been commissioned. An archive of the past projects is maintained by the agency.

Tour Maine Map
The Tour Maine initiative was created to enhance awareness of performing arts venues for touring artists. It is a shortlist of venues, festivals, and arts centers, to help touring artists get a general overview of opportunities available in Maine.

Not all locations can accommodate all performing arts disciplines and this list is just a starting point for what is available.

Locations are identified as:
• Arts Centers
• Colleges
• Clubs
• Festivals
• Venues

Teacher Leader Map
The Maine Arts Leadership Initiative provides professional development opportunities for K-12 educators for the meaningful implementation of high quality teaching, learning, and assessment in the arts.

Teacher Leaders are working professionals that are resources for all educators interested in advancing visual and performing arts education.

Teachers are identified by their expertise in:
• Art (visual)
• Dance
• Music
• Performing Arts
• Theatre