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Community Arts
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The Community Arts Program assists well-positioned communities in capitalizing on their cultural and economic assets and leveraging assistance from public and private community building agencies. The program targets communities that have built the foundation for success by planning with cultural leaders, business leaders, municipal leaders and economic development officials, and developing partnerships within the community.

The Maine Arts Commission’s Creative Communities=Economic Development grants make substantial awards to communities that will allow cultural organizations to become strong partners in their communities’ development, leveraging collaboration between cultural, municipal and economic development interests.

In addition to Creative Communities=Economic Development grants, communities and community arts organizations are eligible to apply for Artists In Maine Communities grants. These grants provide project support for community arts organizations developing innovative ways of integrating arts into the daily life of their communities, enhancing the quality of place, and raising the profile of the cultural sector.

For more information please contact the Community Arts Associate at the Maine Arts Commission. Julie Richard, 207/ 287-2710 -