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Arts And Humanities

The Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Humanities Council collaborate to provide Arts and Humanities grants that assist organizations in Maine to investigate and present stories and cultural expressions of the state, its communities and its people. These grants support projects and public programs that include or combine both arts and humanities disciplines. The arts help build communities by helping them discover their cultural assets, building audiences and promoting the excellence of the creative sector. The humanities explore the nature and value of human experience through literature, history, theology, philosophy and the disciplines of social and political science.

  • Deadline: November 13, 2015; March 18, 2016
  • Maximum grant award: $1,000 (with a required 1:1 in-kind and/or cash match)
  • Project may start: 8 weeks after the deadline.


The range of potential projects under the Arts and Humanities grants is limited only by the community’s imagination. The funding partners are particularly interested in projects that explore diverse cultures or represent rural areas of the state. Projects might include a local folk life festival, a community performance of an historical play, a school-based historical mural project or a project combining oral history and documentary photography. 


Eligibility Requirements

A professional Maine community organization is eligible to apply if it is a nonprofit organization, legally established in the state of Maine, and has tax exempt status 501(c)(3) from the Internal Revenue Service.

All applicants must have completed and filed all final reports required for previous Maine Arts Commission and Maine Humanities Council grants.

An applicant must demonstrate a fiscal structure that allows them to legally and responsibly utilize grant funds. The applicant must provide a minimum of a 1:1 in-kind and/or cash match. This match must be documented as part of the application package.

The applicant becomes legally accountable for complying with the above eligibility requirements upon submission of this request.  

An applicant may only receive one Arts and Humanities Grant per calendar year. An applicant must wait a full calendar year to apply again after receiving an Arts and Humanities grant two years in a row. 


Review Process

Applications are reviewed approximately two weeks after the deadline by staff members of both the Maine Arts Commission and Maine Humanities Council.  


Review Critera

All grant proposals are considered on a competitive basis using the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the proposal and project design.
  • Quality of the humanities and artistic content of the proposed project.
  • Ability to reach a broad public audience.
  • Realistic funding and implementation plans.




Each applicant is required to speak with Kathy Ann Shaw, Senior Grants Director at the Maine Arts Commission at 207/287-2750, and Anne Schlitt, Assistant Director of the Maine Humanities Council at 207/773-5051, about the project before submitting an application. Failure to do so will disqualify the application.


 How to Apply

Applicants are required to apply through the Maine Humanities Council. For further information and to access grant materials please visit:





Grant information is available in large print format by request. All Maine Arts Commission programs are accessible to people with disabilities. All programs funded by the Maine Arts Commission must also be accessible.