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Creative Aging Grant

PDF—How to Apply


Application deadline: March 23, 2017 at 5 p.m.

October 26, 2017 at 5 p.m.

Maximum award: $1,000


Your organization is eligible to apply only if it meets all of the following criteria:

·      Is a nonprofit organization, legally established in the state of Maine.

·      Has a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service or is a unit of municipal, county or tribal government.

·      Is in compliance with final reports required for any previous Maine Arts Commission awards.


APPLICATION PACKAGE REQUIREMENTS A completed application in the Grants Management System (GMS) for the Creative Aging Grant contains:


·      Completed answers to all narrative prompts

·      Completed project budget

·     Lesson Plan/Unit (from the teaching artist) 


·      Completed State of Maine Vendor Form with exactly the same name and contact information as used in your application

·      Completed and signed assurances form


To provide a snapshot of the quality of the artist’s experience working in creative aging settings it is suggested that you provide no fewer than two and no more than five artistic samples. Samples may be any combination of:

  • Images (up to five)
  • Audio or Video (no more than 15 minutes in length)
  • Prose or Poetry (no more than 5 pages in length)
  • Reviews
  • Marketing Materials
  • One to Three Letters of Support  

For additional information about artist samples, click here.

The Maine Arts Commission reserves the right to use submitted materials in the non-commercial promotion of the artist, organization and/or Maine Arts Commission programs.  

APPLICATION NARRATIVE (All character counts include spaces. 2,550 characters/page.)

1.    Project summary (900 characters max.)

2.    Project description (1,275 characters max.)

3.    Program location, number and length of sessions, and anticipated number of participants (900 characters max.)

4.     Description of target group (1,275 characters max.)

5.     Description of culminating event (1,275 characters max.)

6.    Teaching Artist‘s name, phone number and email. Artist must be chosen from the Maine Arts Commission’s Creative Aging Teaching Artist Roster(1,000 characters max.)



Grant awards may not be re-granted nor used to cover the costs of brick-and-mortar projects, permanent or capital equipment, operating support or fundraising.


APPLICATION REVIEW CRITERIA Creative Aging applications are reviewed on a competitive basis using the following criteria:

·      Engagement of older adults in meaningful, creative activity and sequential learning (25%)

·      Incorporation of creative aging principles of social engagement and mastery (25%)

·      Recognition of the contribution of older community members (25%)

·      Incorporation of a culminating activity (20%)

·      Promotion of intergenerational exchange (5%)



Applications are reviewed by a panel of public members selected for their expertise in creative aging.


All grant recommendations are presented to Maine Arts Commission members who approve the review process, making the grant official.


The review process and delivery of funds may take up to six months. This means that grant funds may be used to reimburse costs which have been incurred for the project after the grant has been approved but prior to funds being disbursed. Please plan accordingly.



Agency staff are always here as a resource to you. We recommend contacting the correct staff person a minimum of two-weeks prior to submitting your application.



about the application or review process

        Kathy Ann Shaw,

Senior Grants Director or 207-287-2750.



Grant information is available in large print format by request. All Maine Arts Commission programs are accessible to people with disabilities. 
All programs funded by the Maine Arts Commission must also be accessible.