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Welcome to the Bangor Region

Welcome to the Bangor Region

The residents of the Bangor region once called the area the “Lumber Capital of the World.” In the early part of the 1800s the area housed more than 300 sawmills; remnants of this golden era can still be seen in the mansions of the Broadway region. Just north of the city is the Indian Island Reservation, where about 500 members of the Penobscot, once the largest tribe of the Abenaki Confederacy, still live.

It is the mix of infrastructure, deep rooted traditions and state of the art university facilities that make this region a hotbed of culture to be enjoyed by visitors year-round.

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Area Attractions

The Bangor area boasts a wide array of cultural offerings that make it an exceptional place to visit, live and work.


Downtown Bangor has a wide culinary selection on offer for visitors to enjoy.


Details of the MICA conference hotel and other regional hotels.