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International Arts

Maine shares a state border with New Hampshire and an international border with the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Québec. Maine also has an ocean border with the Atlantic on the Gulf of Maine and the Bay of Fundy. These territorial features have allowed for active international relationships to develop within our state.

"Bon à Tirer" which means "fit to print" is an artist exchange that included established printmakers and master printers from the U.S. and Canada creating and producing two limited edition prints. Artists include: Hermenegilde Chiasson (New Brunswick); Charlie Hewitt (Maine); Christian Le Poul (Quebec); David Umholtz (New Brunswick); David Wolfe (Maine).

Director: Greg Hemmings: Cinematographer: Lauchlan Ough: Editor: Andrew MacCormack: Production Assistant: Matt Brown: Researcher: Eva Madden-Hagen



The Maine Arts Commission has compiled information for artists and audiences interested in traveling to Maine:

Traveling to Maine – This is an overview of traveling to Maine by air, sea or land that includes the locations of customs offices and points of entry.

Crossing the Border – This contains information about documentation that is needed to enter the U.S. It also clarifies some things that you might expect when entering the state by land.

Artist Visa's Overview - This explains the kinds of federal authorization artists need in order to work in the U.S.

Performing Artists Overview - This gives a break-down about what is involved in hiring an international performing artist.

Taxes and Withholdings – This is general information for foreign artists working in the U.S. regarding U.S. taxes.

Additional Resources – A list of websites that help with international travel by artists and others.

Cultural Exchanges - A list of international programs that Maine organizations are working on.


For more information please contact Kerstin Gilg
Director of  Media Arts and Performing Arts at the Maine Arts Commission
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