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Maine's Creative Initiatives

The Maine Arts Commission has been a driving force for the cultural sector in Maine and beyond for over 50 years. In this time the agency has championed many initiatives that have brought culture to the forefront of thinking for constituents and policy makers. Cultural enterprises such as the creative economy or international cultural exchange raise awareness of the importance of Maine’s culture and bring significant benefits to the state’s economy.


The Creative Economy

Since 2000, several reports have been published documenting the importance of Maine’s cultural infrastructure to the economy of the region. The earliest of these reports indicated that over 84 million people visit New England annually for cultural reasons and contribute over $135 million in taxes. Subsequent reports, concentrating on Maine's cultural community, offer suggestions on the state’s economic future and continue to demonstrate the importance of the cultural sector in relation to the economy.

The Maine Arts Commission has published its own reports and gathered others from within the state and from New England to make them available to download and print. These reports and a brief description of each of them can be accessed by clicking this creative economy section link.


International Initiatives

The sharing of creative assets between the United States and other countries contributes to positive diplomatic relations and strengthens the country as a whole; therefore, the Maine Arts Commission is committed to ensuring that Maine plays an important part in the international arena. The agency has formed international partnerships in order to facilitate a healthy creative exchange that enriches communities, contributes to economic growth, educates, inspires and entertains. Click here to learn more about these international exchange initiatives.


Program Contact Information

For more information please the Maine Arts Commission at 207/287-2724.