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Media Arts

The Maine Arts Commission shall encourage the exploration, creation, exhibition and dissemination of Media Arts. This field includes film, video, television, multimedia computing, sound art , animation, computer-based generative work, electronics and actuators, interface art, use of innovative materials, the innovative recording or exhibition of media, and other analog and digital art forms.


Program Support

Media Arts is a field that the Maine Arts Commission has recently devoted resources to support. There is some overlap with this program and the Community Art program, the Performing Arts program, as well as some programs at Maine’s Film Office. The Media Arts program was created to support contemporary artwork that is informed by technology as well as to encourage the collaboration between artists and other sectors, such as media production and energy technology.

For more information please contact the Media Arts and Performaing Arts Director at the Maine Arts Commission. Kerstin Gilg, 207/ 287-6719 -