Rural Maine World Cultural Center

  • February 06, 2024

As a former English and Maine History teacher, and a parent of four children, I have been keenly 
aware of how many people in the rural parts of Maine have not had many opportunities to meet 
people from other countries and learn about various cultures. I am reaching out with information
about a new volunteer project to develop a Rural Maine World Cultural Center. This Center will 
focus on an appreciation of cultural awareness throughout Maine. It will be a welcoming home
for community gatherings, educational art activities, puppetry, presentations conducted by New 
Americans, and culinary and ethnic celebrations. 
In my work with the volunteer Unique Maine Farms project over the past thirteen years,
I have had the privilege of meeting and writing about many historically diverse communities in
Maine. In the past forty years, in preparation for my vision of establishing a Rural Maine World 
Cultural Center, I have collected hundreds of stories, activities, and educational resources focusing
on different countries and cultures.  It has been my goal to acquire ethnic cookbooks from every
country in the world. I already have hundreds of books waiting to be shared, along with world puzzles, 
maps, and educational games. 
Years ago, I conducted art rubber stamp programs at schools and libraries. These programs always
included a large selection of stamps and activities representing various world cultures. These materials,
along with a phenomenal collection of international folktales and hundreds of puppets, (many of which have
origins from faraway places), would all be available to be enjoyed by children and adults of all backgrounds
and abilities.
I would love to be able to collaborate with a Maine nonprofit, educational or civic organization, or school system
who would recognize the value of a welcoming facility with the goal of bringing New Americans and rural
Mainers together. If you know of any vacant buildings that might be a good match, please let the people or 
organization associated with the building know about the plans for a Rural Maine World Cultural Center. 
Thanks for any suggestions you may kindly be able to provide.  Mary Quinn Doyle - 

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Mary Quinn Doyle

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