Maine Artist Fellowship, Fine Craft

  • December 20, 2023

Autumn Cipala | Thomaston, ME 

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Artist Statement: 

Autumn Cipala aspires to make forms that quietly engage the viewer, inspire curiosity, and invite a sense of discovery. These are objects that ask one to slow down and to notice the subtleties of form, surface, and function. An assuredness of form is essential to this work. Curves, volume, and proportion are balanced with restraint as she creates complex yet clean forms that are enhanced by soft translucent glazes. Cipala finds inspiration in the raw beauty of her coastal surroundings, historical ceramics, and the luminosity of translucent porcelain. Looking to historical ceramics for ideas and inspiration, Autumn integrates elements of these works into her own as a celebration of our rich ceramic lineage. She is inspired by work from many cultures: work that embodies harmony, purity, elegance, and a tranquil presence. She is interested in light for its ability to capture ones attention as it illuminates: fleeting sunlight on a tide-pool, or light beaming through a window to fill a porcelain bowl, creating an illusion of suspension.


Autumn Cipala is a ceramic artist and educator who has been working from her studio in midcoast Maine for twenty years. She holds an MFA from University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and a BFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Born and raised on a working farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Autumn acquired her art education through academic study and apprenticeship in the US and England. Autumn has taught at numerous colleges, and has been a presenting artist at the Akal Exchange Symposium in Amizmiz, Morocco, the Maine College of Art, and other institutions, with an upcoming assignment as a presenting artist at the Utilitarian Clay VIII National Symposium. She has received numerous grants and awards from organizations including NCECA, Strictly Functional Pottery National, and the Maine Arts Commission. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally. 

On winning a Maine Artist Fellowship

I was drawn to Maine, twenty years ago, by the awe inspiring beauty of the coast, and I was held here by the vibrant and supportive art community that I quickly became part of. This place and its people have inspired and shaped both me and my artwork. I am deeply honored to be recognized by the Maine Arts Commission as a recipient of the Maine Artist Fellowship. With this award comes a recognition of my work as an artist that encourages me to delve deeply into my creative explorations. The support received and the funds associated open up new and welcome possibilities for me to invest in my creative growth. I am excited to explore opportunities of travel, research, and concentrated time in the studio that will nurture further development of my artwork. 

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