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Programs of the Maine Arts Commission

Arts Accessibility

The Maine Arts Commission strives to provide arts access by ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and by providing services to a variety of special needs populations. The agency seeks solutions for accessibility challenges and works to make the arts more enjoyable for everyone.


Arts Education

Arts in Education, a major focus of the Maine Arts Commission, is a nationwide movement to provide all students (K-12) with opportunities to learn in and through the arts. The Arts in Education program works in unison with state, regional, and national organizations to support Maine’s schools. The program provides opportunities for the professional development of teachers, administrators, school volunteers, and teaching artists.



The Communications program is dedicated to keeping artists informed about the creative culture in Maine. The Communication program offers support, advocacy, and ongoing promotion and development of Maine’s artists and art. It also increases awareness of Maine Arts Commission programs and provides opportunities for public interaction with the agency.


Grants Development

Grants development is set up to acquire additional arts funding for Maine artists and organizations. This is done through Maine Arts Commission grant applications (as long as they do not conflict with applications from the field), partnering with organizations on collaborative projects, and assisting with requests for development help from the field.


Media Arts

The Media Arts program is set up to support artists and organizations using technology as a chief component of their artwork. Film, video and certain kinds of sound-art are included in this as well as ‘new media’ artwork informed by computers, electronics and emerging technologies such as alternative energy.


Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program serves to increase the opportunities for live performers and live-performance organizations within the state. This includes theatre, music, dance, juggling, performance art, eco-art, interventions and other kinds of live art forms.


Public Arts

Maine’s Public Art program shall promote civic stewardship, cultural vibrancy, creativity, aesthetic excellence, and appreciation-of-place through the enhancement of public spaces using the arts. The program will champion federal, state, and private support, and encourage relationships that advance the quality of physical environments in Maine.


Traditional and Folk Arts

The Traditional Arts program preserves and encourages the practice of traditional arts in Maine communities, validating both the art itself and the tradition bearers who practice traditional arts.


Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program is dedicated to supporting Maine artists through advocacy, grants, and other agency initiatives.