2022 Call for Proposals

  • July 07, 2021

We are asking Maine artists to submit proposals for our 2022 Calendar year exhibitions to take place at our UMVA Gallery located in Portland.

Details of how the calendar selection typically works include these: The voting for exhibits includes those UMVA Members who show up to vote, either in person at the Portland Gallery, or in online meetings, which will take place in the fall of this year. We use a loose system of ranking for prioritizing exhibits, and use such factors as relevance, depth of artistic experience and practice, and perceived ability to successfully mount an exhibit. A strong proposal may include these and other, perhaps subjective or unquantifiable, characteristics. 

We hope you join us as we prepare to make the UMVA 2022 Gallery Season a success!

Please submit an email, with your Proposal attached, and use the "UMVA Exhibit Proposal for 2022" as the subject. Thank you!

You can find the proposal form and other information at the link below




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