Alison Rector painting exhibition at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art

  • September 08, 2020

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth presents an exhibition of 20 new oil paintings by Alison Rector.  Hours of the Day opens on September 9 and is on view until Oct. 30

 Alison Rector is a representational painter known for her luminous paintings of interiors.  Rector’s paintings are psychological portraits of forgotten places. She often looks for ordinary or neglected spaces in order to depict an extraordinary moment. Painting with oils she captures light falling across objects or filtering through windows and doors to create a sense of atmosphere and quiet mystery. 

“On the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, I spent the day painting and studying light,” writes the artist.   “The sun rises before 5 o’clock on the solstice and sets well after 8 at night on the peak summer day in Maine.  I have observed the solstice the past 2 years on the Blue Hill Peninsula.  These paintings are the result of solstice plein air painting”.  She continues, “making these paintings took me to some magical places.   Hours of the Day depicts locations in Newbury Neck, Eggemoggin Reach, Stonington, Brooksville, Blue Hill, Bayside and as far north as the Bay of Fundy.”

An exhibition catalogue accompanying the show is available from the gallery.  You can view a digital version of the catalogue or order a print catalogue from Courthouse Gallery.

On Wednesday September 23 at 5pm, Courthouse Gallery will host a Zoom talk with Alison Rector in conversation with fellow painter Linden Frederick.  For more information call the gallery at 207-667-6611.

 Visitors may view the exhibition in person at the gallery (observing protocols) or online at the gallery website Courthouse Gallery Fine Art, located at 6 Court Street in Ellsworth, is open Monday–Saturday, 10am–6pm, and Sunday, 12pm–4pm.   



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