Andersen Design - Production as an Art Form since 1952

  • October 22, 2018

Our Company, Andersen Design is uniquely American and dedicated to remaining so. With over 200 classic designs as marketable today as the day they were created, our company is uniquely suited to revitalizing the American slip - casting industry,  Andersen Design was conceived of as production as an art form in 1952. Ceramic slip casting is an engaging artist-designer industry encouraging ever abundant creativity and individuality.

The most versatile product to begin working in collaboration is the mug. Our Dad and founder of Andersen Design is the mid-century ceramic designer-craftsmen luminary, Weston Neil Andersen, who designed a line of many different and delightful mugs. 

Imagine Andersen Design mugs done in infinite variety by many ceramic studios working in conjunction with Andersen Design, and made in America, each one expressing the individuality of the studio artisans!

We can refinance our company the old-fashioned way with a help from the new-fashioned Kickstarter venue. The first steps are moving very slowly, working with such an undersized staff but it can snowball!

You can signup for our Kickstarter pre-launch list here. All those who sign up for the list and follow through when we launch will receive a 25% coupon when our Kickstarter project has successfully concluded. See our preview project as a  here


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