Call to Artists

  • April 02, 2024

Arts Are Elementary is pleased to announce our 2024 Call to Artists requesting proposals for professional artist residencies for the Arts Are Elementary programs within Brunswick's public elementary schools during the 2024-2025 academic year. 


AAE has been providing artist experiences for school children since 1980.  We are a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to integrating experiential curriculum based artistic experiences inside the classrooms. 

This Call lists each grade, subject matter, media, timeframe, and stipend.  

Submissions are due by April 29, 2024, 4:59 pm and should be submitted via this link with the information listed below.

Submissions should include: 

  • Artist’s Name

  • Website + Social Media Channels

  • Resume / CV

  • Images of Proposed Work or similar likeness

  • Cost / Stipend request inclusive of materials

  • 475-600 word proposal detailing

    • What part of the curriculum that the artist's is focused on

    • How the artist will integrate the class curriculum into their residency. 



  • Teaching artists with classroom behavior management skills are particularly successful.

  • Scheduling the residencies is a collaborative effort between the teachers and the artist. Most of the residencies occur in the late winter and spring. 

  • We often have difficulty managing student absences. Planning ahead on how to help absent students catch up is helpful.

  • The residencies must occur in the classrooms as there is no additional space in the building.


  • See the district curriculum links embedded for more information. 


  • Several of our grades have requested that the 2023-2024 artist return again so we have removed those grades from this year’s Call. It is helpful to indicate if your proposal may be adjusted for another grade should your proposed grade select a different artist.

  • Questions may be directed to the Executive Director, Meg Whithed at


  • Scheduling the residencies is a collaborative effort between the classroom teachers and the artist. Most of the residencies occur in the late winter and spring.

  • Residencies occur within the school day which lasts from 9am-3pm. There will be a break in the middle of the day when the children are at lunch and recess, so often there will be 2 sessions in the morning, followed by a break of an hour or more and then one or possibly 2 sessions in the afternoon. 


  • Arts Are Elementary is accepting applications from Maine based professional teaching artists. 

    • Artists are applying to be the Artist in Residence for ONE specific grade level and should be basing their proposal off the curriculum for that grade level. Curriculum details at the bottom of this document. 

    • Each GRADE has multiple CLASSROOMS (6-10) with different teachers.

    • Each CLASSROOM usually has 2 - 4 VISITS 

    • Each VISIT typically ranges from 30 minutes to 60 minutes; the older the students, the longer the visits can be.

    • The classroom teacher will be present for all the sessions. Additionally, classroom volunteers are available upon request and should be noted in the proposal.

    • Materials should be provided by the artist and included in the stipend.

  • There are TWO Elementary Schools in Brunswick:

    Kate Furbish Elementary School
  • Pre -K:

    • Six Classrooms  approx. 16 children in each class (please note, 2 classes are located at off site locations in Brunswick)

    • Note regarding pre-k: We are looking for one session for each class, each being 30 minutes long.

  • First Grade

    • Seven Classrooms for First Grade - approx. 20 children in each class

  • Second Grade

    • Seven classes of 2nd grade - approx. 17 children in each class

  • Multi Age:

    • Four classes of mixed 1st and 2nd (multi-age) grade - approx. 20 children in each class.*
      *Note: The multi age classes alternate using a 1st grade or a 2nd grade curriculum. The 2024-2025 school year will be a 2nd grade curriculum year for them and will join the 1st grade classes for their residency. There will be a total of 11 classes (7 1st grade and 4 multi-age)





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