Calling all Musicians : Get Featured on the The Nite Show with Dan Cashman

  • March 24, 2020


We are soon entering a new - temporary - phase of The Nite Show. Interviews will be conducted via Skype. There will be no studio audience. It will be different, but a necessary change for now.

We intend to still present musical guests on our show though, and we are looking for you to send us your stuff. Videos recorded in your home with safety protocols being factored in will be considered. (In other words, don’t get the band together at your house to submit a video because we won’t accept it.)

Submit your stuff either by emailing us a link to with “Music” in the subject line, or tag us in a video post on Facebook, Twitter or IG. ONLY submit to one of these places. Submitting the same entry in multiple places will not increase your chances of making it to air.

Our special scaled back editions of The Nite Show will begin airing on Saturday, April 4 all across the state.

Music will help get us through this. Thank you to all of the performers for your talents and ability to help us all deal and heal.

The Nite Show is scaling back what we are doing starting with next weekend's show (April 4). We are conducting interviews with guests via Skype. And we are still featuring performers, but they will all be performers who submit their own video from home. Professionally produced videos or videos from home with a full band (unless it's a family group) won't be considered. 

We're asking performers to submit their videos by e-mail at with the subject line "music," or by tagging us in a video posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We'll select from what we receive for stuff to be broadcast on our show.



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