HIND SIGHT, a new Black Lives Matter play

  • June 27, 2022

Come to Bucksport and enjoy a staged reading of HIND SIGHT, Laura Emack’s latest play. Black actress Kay Warren from Lewiston will portray the protagonist, joined by veteran midcoast actor Mike Rowe and local author and actress Shelly Curtain. HIND SIGHT has a Black-lives-matter impetus that the playwright hopes will move the conversation forward with a compelling story that isn’t heavy-handed. Showtime at Brown Hall is 3 PM on Saturday, July 2, and admission is free to the public.


Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric inspired the creating of HIND SIGHT. In one passage, a White passenger makes a racist remark that haunts a Black female driver after she lets the offense go unchallenged. Viewing fairness as a fundamental pillar, at the risk of co-opting the message of others, Emack asks: What if that woman confronted that man instead of allowing him to scornfully place great artists and people of color into disparate sets? Emack strives for persuasive words that public-relations executive Merita Lynn might say to acclaimed author Bradford Collins to alter his entrenched mind.


Kay Warren, who will portray Merita Lynn, is a familiar presence onstage in the Lewiston-Auburn area. She has appeared in twenty-some productions at the Community Little Theatre. She currently directs the St. Dom’s Drama Club for students in grades 6-12 at Saint Dominic Academy’s Auburn campus. She portrayed the fairy godmother in “Cinderella” at the Maine State Music Theatre in 2018.


Laura Emack’s plays have been produced in New York City, Newburyport MA, throughout Maine, and online during the pandemic. She resides across the river from Bucksport in Prospect with husband Jack.


The play starts at 3 PM on Saturday, July 2, in Brown Hall at the Elm Street Congregational Church, 31 Elm Street, in Bucksport. HIND SIGHT runs about 90 minutes, and is suitable for mature teens and adults. It is not recommended for children due to adult language. Donations will be gratefully accepted.


Take advantage of the opportunity afterward to enjoy light refreshments and interact with the actors and the playwright who welcomes feedback, as the script remains a work in progress. For information about the play, call (207) 567-3437 or email LKECPA@fairpoint.net. For questions concerning the venue, call (207) 469-3333 or email elmstch@gmail.com.     

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