On This And That- Maine Poet

  • August 31, 2022

New Book ‘On This And That’ from Maine Poet
T.C. Orange to be Published This Week
On This And That details the struggles of a local Maine poet who navigated love, loss, alcoholism, and more in her quest for elusive happiness during the pandemic.
PORTLAND, Maine – A local Portland poet, T.C. Orange, will release her first self-published book of poetry on Thursday, September 1, 2022. The publication, “On This And That,” is a short but powerful book of poetry expressed through prose that tells Orange’s story of addiction, heartbreak and loss during the pandemic, in addition to the stories of seven strangers she met at a rehabilitation facility. A digital version is available today for preorder on Kindle ($7.99). The paperback version will be available for purchase on Amazon on September 1. ($9.99). “On This And That” is comprised of three sections, each of which tackles its own themes. The first section, On Love and Loss, describes Orange’s fight to maintain a relationship with a man whose father was dying while struggling to control her own relationship with alcohol. The second, On Obsession and Oblivion, details Orange’s descent into depression and alcoholism, and her eventual decision to seek help. The third, On Faculties and Facility, narrates stories of life and addiction from seven individuals who Orange met at a rehab facility, in addition to her own. The book has one overarching message: We are all just walking stories, and these stories deserve to be told. “I overheard someone say that, during the pandemic, you either became fat, fit, or a fiend. For me it was the latter, and I was compelled to write about it. People often imagine addicts and alcoholics as those on the margins of society, but what I learned during this experience is that it can strike anyone at any time. The pandemic caught everyone off guard and I’m sure many can relate to the stories in here because I refuse to believe that I’m the only one who was affected by it,” said T.C. Orange.
T.C. Orange, who prefers to remain anonymous, is a first-time author. While her background is in economics, she often finds herself ruminating about the intersection of humanity and connection. She first took to writing poetry, under the pseudonym T.C. Orange, during the pandemic because she found that it gave her sweet relief from the tart experience. To request an early copy of the manuscript or to arrange an interview, please contact Orange at orange@tcorangepoetry.com. Follow T.C. Orange on Instagram at @tcorangepoetry or visit the website at www.tcorangepoetry.com and read more from her on medium.com.



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