Public Art Learning Fund | Application live in March!

  • February 25, 2020

Public Art Learning Fund Application live in March! 

We are getting ready to launch our next Public Art Learning Fund (PALF) application, and I’m reaching out to see if you might be able to help us spread the word about PALF to public artists in your area in March and April. 

WHO is PALF for?

Artists in New England who are seeking funds to pursue professional development opportunities to strengthen their public art practice. Grants range from $500-2000.

The deadline to apply is April 21, and the application will be live in early March.

For more details regarding eligibility, please check out our PALF grant page. To learn about our first round of PALF grantees check out our press release.  

How can you help?

  • Distribute PALF postcards.

Thanks for helping us distribute PALF postcards to artists in your area last fall!  We’d love to know, were the postcards an effective tool to help let artists know about? If so, can we send you more (we are refreshing the design!)? And how many would you like us to send your way? We are getting ready to send our design to the printer and are trying to get a rough estimate of how many we should order!

  • Be a local host for a live webinar.

We recognize that although a recorded webinar may be more convenient, the downside is that artists are missing out on being in the same room with one another, and we can’t answer questions in real time.  We’d like to conduct a few “live webinars” hosted by local organizations that are already connected to a network of public artists.  Our hope is that this would be a win-win opportunity to convene artists and help us spread the word about PALF. Would your organization be interested in convening artists to participate in a live webinar at your office? OR if your organization isn’t the right fit for hosting a live webinar for artists, can you recommend another organization in your area that might be a better fit? 

  • Promote PALF via e-newsletters and social media.

Here are a few ideas of what this could look like:

    • Easy way to spread the word: forward our March Public Art e-newsletter to artists in your network!
    • Add a short blurb about PALF to your organization’s next e-newsletter.
    • Post about PALF on social media in March/April; or re-post what NEFA’s saying about PALF on social media!

Please let us know how we can help you, help us! We can provide a short blurb about PALF and visuals formatted for posting on social media if that is helpful.



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