TEMPOart Seeks Interim Managing Director

  • July 14, 2023

TEMPOart Portland Interim Managing Director Position 

Position Description: A part-time position reporting directly to the TEMPOart Board President/V.P. This role oversees administrative activities and is a liaison to the President/V.P. and Committee chairpersons facilitating the work of TEMPOart. This position works remotely. It is estimated that the work will be 5/8th time with an average of 25 hours per week. It is contemplated that the hours will be somewhat flexible with increased activity when there are mailings or events scheduled and somewhat reduced hours when things are not as busy. 

This position will be an interim managing directorship with an initial term of ~ Aug/Sept 2023 through January 1, 2024 and the potential to grow or extend. 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: General Administration and Board President/V.P. support: 

  • Support Board President/V.P. in general communication

  • Confirm/Schedule and attend all Board meetings (Record and email minutes)

  • Maintain accurate and organized digital and print records of TEMPOart activities

Duties by Committee or Task:

  • Finance:

    • Work with Treasurer to ensure prompt bill payment, vendor record keeping and payment of independent contractors

    • Work with book-keeper to record income and expenses by appropriate account/classification

    • Work with Treasurer and President/V.P. on budget development and approval

    • Work with Treasurer on periodic budget reporting and communication to Board

  • Fundraising:

    • Support the Board in seeking new funding opportunities for TEMPO from within and outside of Maine

    • Maintain relationships with regular funding organizations - Horizon, Nichols, Onion, others

    • Manage Little Green Light development database

    • Manage production of development materials

    • Manage annual fund mailing and emails

    • Provide administrative support for planning and conducting annual Catalyst fundraising event

    • Ensure appropriate acknowledgements to donors and funders

    • Assist with grant writing

  • Governance:

    • Support orientation of new board members

    • Maintain orientation documentation

    • Provide administrative support to Governance Committee chair

  • PR/Communication/Social Media Support:

    • Oversee website updates and work with web consultant when needed

    • Help develop communications calendar and press contact list

    • Work with President/V.P. and board committees to create content for email, social media, and press releases. Draft and send/post email, social media, and press communication

  • Art and Programming:

    • Work with Committee as needed to develop RFQ/RFP for 2025 art installation

    • Support Committee in artist selection process

    • Confirm and document artist insurance

    • Submit payments to artists according to contract terms

    • Manage City review process and oversee Artist's project installation

    • Manage project opening reception

    • Help design and manage educational and other programming following project installation

Compensation: It is contemplated that at 25 hours per week and $32.00 per hour compensation will average $800 per week paid bi-weekly. That said, the position will be paid on an hourly basis at $32.00 per hour which will require submitting bi-weekly time sheets to the Treasurer for approval. If the hours in any week will exceed 25 hours, the Treasurer must be notified in advance. This position may not incur over time in any week without the Treasurer's prior written approval. The Board President/V.P. and Interim Managing Director will participate in a review in 30 days to make sure that the Interim Managing Director is on track and that the workload is appropriate for a 5/8ths -time position. After this initial review, the Board President/V.P. will check in on a weekly basis to address any issues that may arise. More thorough performance and workload/position reviews will be conducted semi-annually. The Interim Managing Director will be entitled to one week of paid vacation based on a 25 hour week every six months at times that do not unreasonably disrupt the work of TEMPOart and as mutually agreed by the Interim Managing Director and President/V.P. 

The Interim Managing Director is an at-will position which means that there is no definite contract term. Either party may terminate the arrangement at any time and for any reason. Cause is not required. As a matter of courtesy, the parties shall try to provide at least 30 days notice prior to any termination of the arrangement. 

To Apply: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to jobs@tempoartmaine.org.

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.



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