Contemporary Petroglyph (Rock Carving) Tour Led by Artist

  • Date: June 20, 2024
  • Location: Center Pond Preserve Trailhead, Phippsburg

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Phippsburg, ME do not miss the chance to explore Kevin Sudeith’s petroglyphs alongside him. For the past four years, Kevin has been creating artwork inspired by the natural environment in Phippsburg, although the art is lasting, the opportunity to walk the trail with him is fleeting. Petroglyphs are the most durable human artworks, Sudeith’s work will long outlast the artist and his contemporaries, therefore being able to experience them with him is not a luxury to miss. The iconic images are engraved into rock outcroppings along trails of the Phippsburg Land Trust. He is an expert in creating petroglyphs, carving historic images across the world over the last sixteen years. Having the opportunity to speak to him on the subject will be eye-opening about a tradition that can be dated back to the earliest human beings. His incredibly unique process will leave you feeling inspired. 


If you’re lucky, Kevin may even lead you to some secret sights to see in the deep forest. Along the way you’ll see photo realistic images from the surrounding wildlife. Within this series of remarkable life-sized birds native to the region, you’ll see the Great Blue Heron, a Cardinal, a Tree Swallow, a Thrush, a Loon and others, as well as some Kevin-inspired objects like a Mars Helicopter and a Zumwalt Destroyer made in Bath. Walking through, it will feel as if these creatures are in motion, ready to fly off the rock. Sudeith creates time capsules, capturing the activity surrounding the rocks in a language that will forever be digestible to those who come across it. 


If you can’t make the tour be sure to check out Sudeith’s Petroglyphs in Phippsburg, Nova Scotia, North Dakota, or California.  In Iceland, along the ring road, Sudeith carved an Icelandic man riding “tölt” beside arctic terns, a fulmar and a golden plover. In Rockaway, New York, where Sudeith resides, you can explore the Horseshoe Crabs crawling across the top of a stone, next to a Basketball, and jet’s taking off from JFK. These can be explored on his website through many ancillary mediums, including photography, video, collage,  a relational database, and unique forms of printmaking and ceramics. And if you’re feeling generous the artist funds his work through tax deductible donations, as the Land Trust holds his work in perpetuity for the public. 


Catch Sudeith before he heads off on his next carving adventure!


Who: New York artist Kevin Sudeith

When: May 23, 2024 at 6:00 PM & May 30, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Where: Center Pond Preserve Trailhead, 125 Parker Head Road, Phippsburg, ME 43°48'53.4"N 69°48'35.3"W


Groups may call 800-781-0153 or email to schedule a walk at other times.


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(800) 781-0153

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Center Pond Preserve Trailhead

125 Parker Head Road
Phippsburg  ME  04562 

Kevin Sudeith
(800) 781-0153