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About the Artist

The Conservatory of American Letters is a non profit tax exempt literary educational foundation organized under the laws of Maine and the rules of the IRS. The IRS requires we publish our purpose:

To conserve and make public literary works of exceptional merit without regard to commercial potential.

To encourage and develop literary talent.

To offer the reading public an alternative to modern mass marketing mediocrity.

To achieve this we have created Northwoods Press, the poets press, which publishes only poetry and family histories and works related to same, and may not accept direct subsidy from authors. There is a University Press division to help teachers publish needed texts.

Northwoods Press publishes the Northwoods Journal, a magazine for writers, on the first day of each season. This is not a "how to" for writers but a showcase. Get guidelines from our website or by sending #10 SASE and requesting them.

We created Dan River press, which publishes only fiction, biography and works related to same, and may not accept direct subsidy from authors. There is a University Press division which helps teachers publish necessary texts.

Dan River Press publishes the annual Dan River Anthology, (Year) The 2004 issue represents our 22nd year. Get guidelines from the web, or send #10 SASE and request them. The Dan River Anthology, 2004 will accept poetry and fiction. Submission period is between Jan 1 2003 and March 31, 2003 for publication in December 2003 for the year 2004. Save postage. Don't submit without reading guidelines.

Century Press publishes everything else of high quality and may accept direct subsidy from authors. There is a University press division which helps teachers provide needed text book on any and all subjects.

Though Century Press frequently accepts direct subsidy from authors, over 90% of all manuscripts are postponed until they can be brought up to our standards. So far, no one has bothered to try and upgrade a postponed manuscript. Since we are non profit anyway, we do not waste time working on indifferent works, even if/when the author offers to provide funding.

For all, the Conservatory offers a Personal Publishing Program (PPP)which helps authors get into print by serving as their typesetter, printer, consultant, or anything else the author need on a fee basis. Our PPP does not require acceptance. We usually don't even read the manuscript.

Our Chap book on demand (C-BOD) program is the world's best. So good, in fact, I hesitate to mention it, as it will generate a lot more work than I can do. A chap book is 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 book of 64 or fewer pages, self covered, and saddle stapled twice in the spine, and un-trimmed.

After a one time set-up fee, books can be ordered as few as 10 copies at a time. Currently delivery is within 3 working days of completed disk. Options include full color covers at affordable prices for as few as 10 copies. We can provide typesetting, or can talk anyone with a computer through the process if they're using Microsoft Publisher '02. Word and Wordperfect discs can be adapted very inexpensively. Order our own chapbook, called Prices, Instructions, and Sample for a mailing label to yourself and one first class stamp.

The Conservatory may not consider previously published works. We are a conservatory and once published, a work is conserved. We do not consider or read electronic submissions in any form. We consider and accept work from any American, membership in the Conservatory is not required, ($25.00 per year) but members do get preference over non-members when all else is equal. Members also receive the Northwoods Journal, a magazine for writers, free. And substantial discounts on printing, books and services. We may not consider works by other than Americans.

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