Irvin Krupke

32 16th Street, Bangor, ME 04401-3123

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About the Artist

Irvin always had a fasination for stained glass work and for years wanted to learn the art of glass. When word came that his old farmstead in Regal, Minnesota was going to be demolished, Irvin went to his home to give a farewell visit. Irvin entered the family room with many memories of holiday's and gatherings. Talking to his children about the home, he recalled most of his memories in that room. He looked at the light playing off the wall from the large window in the front and noticed a beautiful old stained glass piece completely in tack. He gently removed the window as a keepsake to his childhood. After a year of having the stained glass window at his home in Maine, and being homebound with a burst apendix operation, Irvin started to dabble in making stained glass. Windows, lamps, sun catchers, vases....anything he could think of creating. He had realized his need and want to create stained glass work stemmed from the childhood memories of his home and how the light and colors from the window enhanced his memories while silently playing an intrical part in shaping his future.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Crafts

Contact Information

Irvin Krupke

32 16th Street
Bangor  ME  04401-3123