Andreas von Huene

PO Box 401, Woolwich, ME 04579

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About the Artist

Andreas von Huene works in media driven by the needs of the user and the site. Most works have been public art commissions in durable materials. Scale is often very large but also can be quite small. Expanding his horizons, media, and styles is part of von Huene''s adventure in creativity. Extensive experience in engineering, historical musical instrument making, and landscape design contributes to sensibility involving both grand concepts and fine details. Some examples: Over-life size realistic Tiger in Texas Pink Granite. Abstracted life-size polished aluminum Pegasus. Carved granite and wood exterior seating in the form of a scallop shell. Granite, marble, wood, and water interior waterscapes. Polychrome steel, wood, and granite mobile. Suspended full-size polychrome Icarus carved in linden wood. Polished stainless-steel and granite abstract tryptich. Super-lightweight full-scale aluminum Puffin. Upcoming projects include a full-scale sculptural evocation of the six-masted schooner Wyoming; an outdoor gathering area in curved granite, curved wooden benches, an d granite spheres; and an outdoor screen of granite, wood, and Stainless steel mesh.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts

Contact Information

Andreas von Huene

PO Box 401
Woolwich  ME  04579 


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