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About the Artist

Brady is an enthusiastic artist and educator. She believes in the transforming power of creativity. She uses art as the vehicle to releasing one's creative and emotional energies for positive results. Her business, "Painting with Spirit" is an original approach to personal and spontaneous expression, inner adventure and self discovery through color and design. This form of painting focuses on the "process" rather than the product or end result without criticism or judgement. It is a practice in letting go, allowing yourself to trust and feel while you paint. One learns to trust their intuition and discover the depths of their imagination. The unrestricted flow of images and colors enables insights and healing which builds confidence and self esteem.This art experience creates an awareness which reaches out to all other areas of one's personal and business life. Brady teaches children and adults of all ages. She also has led workshops at business and teacher conferences within the U.S. She continues to lead workshops at middle and high schools as well as the Long Creek Youth Development Center
in Portland. Brady also holds workshops in her studio in Edgecomb,Me.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Visual Arts, Painting

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292 River Road
Edgecomb  ME  04556-3433 


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