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About the Artist

Hannah Nelsbach was born in 1939 in Germany to ancestral lineage, which included painters and architects. As a young girl, during the years following the war, life consisted of bare essentials. So when she received her first pencil and paper she delighted in drawing. Although her teachers encouraged her to go to art school, financial needs directed her to working as a secretary. She spent all her free time sketching.

While raising her family Hannah studied bone china painting and opened her own business. She taught workshops and her work was included in numerous exhibitions. Her pieces have been sold around the world. She supported other artists and annually organized an exhibition for 10 artists with great success. The physical strain of painting bone china caused her to venture off into different forms of art, finally to study at the Academy of Design and Art, in the tradition of Bauhaus, in Aachen, Germany.

Hannah has written and illustrated a book, titled "Fairytale about the phenomenon of Indian Summer".

Currently, Hannah's passion is to set poems, music and emotions on canvass in color. For Hannah colors represent feelings, both in terms of her interpretation of her subject matter and the filter of her own emotions.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Crafts

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