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PO Box 15177 , Portland, ME 04112

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About the Artist

The primary mission of the Acoustic Love is to establish a profound connection between audiences and composers by breathing life into the human context behind each musical score's creation.

This mission is realized through a variety of endeavours, including:

Year-Round Live Performances and Outreach: Acoustic Love engages audiences through captivating live performances and outreach efforts, ensuring that music reaches diverse communities.

Educational Initiatives: Acoustic Love's educational programs focus on enlightening the public about the social, historical, and philosophical environments that inspired composers. This includes comprehensive program notes, pre-concert lectures, and performance discussions backed by meticulous research.

Expressive Musical Interpretations: Rather than adhering rigidly to scores, Acoustic Love's live performances delve into the intentions and zeitgeist that shaped each musical work. This approach enables the Musicians to bring out the essence of each composition.

Embracing Versatility: Acoustic Love recognizes the diversity of composers and compositions. Instead of nurturing a signature "Acoustic Love style," they cultivate various musical styles to suit the unique characteristics of each work performed.

Thoughtful Programming: Acoustic Love curates its concert programs around specific themes, allowing pieces to interact and explore the intricate influences and ideas that intertwine within the repertoire.

Music Education: Acoustic Love are musicians committed to fostering a deeper understanding of chamber music among youth and adult musicians. They offer educational programs that focus on the preparation and performance of string quartet literature, exploring the historical context and circumstances surrounding its creation.

Supporting Music Education: Acoustic Love actively supports music education for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students. They provide these students with access to live performances and enriching instruction in music history, nurturing the next generation of musicians and music enthusiasts.

Through their multifaceted approach and dedication to preserving the essence of each composition, the Acoustic Love strives to enrich the musical experience, leaving a lasting impact on audiences, performers, and composers alike.

Category: Performing Group

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Performance, Music, Chamber, Jazz, Performance, Classical, Composition, Performing Arts

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