ABC Photographers

PO Box 288, Bangor, ME 04093

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About the Artist

Mission: With an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of moments, our mission as photographers is to freeze time in a frame, telling stories through images that evoke emotions and transcend the ordinary.

Media: We specialize in visual storytelling through high-quality photography, utilizing a blend of artistic composition, lighting mastery, and technical precision. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, from portrait sessions and events to commercial and editorial assignments.

Tone of Work: Our work is characterized by a harmonious balance between creativity and authenticity. We strive to infuse each photograph with a unique tone that resonates with the subject's personality or the essence of the moment, creating visually compelling narratives.

Type of Work Supported: Our expertise spans various domains, including individual and family portraits, event coverage, corporate branding, and editorial photography. We adapt our approach to suit the specific needs of each project, ensuring a tailored and impactful visual representation.

Pertinent Information: We embrace cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, staying at the forefront of industry trends. Client satisfaction is at the core of our values, and we pride ourselves on delivering not just photographs, but timeless memories that transcend expectations. Whether capturing intimate moments or creating striking visual content for brands, our work is a testament to the power of storytelling through the lens.

Category: Gallery

Preferred Audiences: All

Disciplines: Media Arts, Film/video, Photography, Black and White, Color, Digital, Installation, Printmaking

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