Wolfstone-Francis Nightshade

c/o Wolfstone Media, Mexico, ME 04257

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About the Artist

I am a member of the Penobscot Indian Nation.
I am a storyteller and author.
I am also a maker of expertly hand-crafted Native American flutes, drums, and rattles&#59; some of which I use in performances.
While many of the stories I tell are traditional others are originals I have written to show life lessons to listeners in the tradition of the storytellers who walked and talked with my ancestors.
Between stories I sing the songs of the Ancient Ones while playing one of my skillfully hand-crafted drums or rattles.
I also play both traditional and contemporarily influenced melodies on one or more of my finely made flutes.
I am currently seeking an illustrator for five children''s stories I hope to publish.

Other current projects include:

...the making of CDs of stories and song

...live and audiovisually recorded seminars and workshops following vis.,

Sacred Space: Teachings of the Seneca Wolf
Clan Historical Society
1. The Rainbow wheel of Sacred Space
2. Mission: Earthwalk
3. Creature Teachers: Discovering Your
Totem Gifts
4. Fear and Stress
5. Lack and Limitation
6. The Language of The Trees and The Stones

Daylight Offerings: Ancient Wisdom
for Living In Beauty
1. Values
2. Principles
3. Ethics
4. Traditions

I am also an accomlpished professional contemporary drummer/percussionist with a solid ''track record''.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Literature, Media Arts, Crafts

Contact Information

Wolfstone-Francis Nightshade

c/o Wolfstone Media
59 Whitman Street
Mexico  ME  04257