Janet Nannen

7 Acorn Lane, Harpswell,, ME 04079-4560

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About the Artist

Harpswell Silks produces one-of-a-kind silk crepe de chine scarves. The scarf is shaped by folding, bunching, and twisting. It is then colored with up to five or six layers of hand-mixed dyes. This technique is inspired by shibori, an ancient Japanese art. This method uses the fabric itself as its own resist, without the use of wax or gutta, for instance.

Characteristic of this one-of-a-kind scarf are diffuse-edged and irregular patterns. Although the general colors and design are planned, there is always the element of surprise in the outcome. Harpswell Silks colors are inspired by the Maine landscape of forests, sea, and sky.

This pure silk scarf can be washed in mild cleanser, such as shampoo, air-dried or dried in a machine, and pressed with a medium temperature steam iron. Silk is a very durable fabric. The dye has been set, but there may be a very slight residue of color in the first wash water.

A new addition to the Harpswell Silks line is the use of cyanotype, or blueprinting, to create designs of natural materials on scarves. Cyanotype was one of the earliest photographic processes.

Harpswell Silks artist Janet Nannen, in addition to silk dye, works on paper and canvas in oil, acrylic, oil pastel and soft pastel. She is included in the MaineMade program of the Maine Office of Economic Development and is a member of Maine Crafts Association, Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen, and Maine Art Gallery.

Custom scarf orders are accepted.

Harpswell Silks
Janet Nannen
6 Acorn Lane/Harpswell, Maine 04079

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Design Arts, Painting, Photography, Crafts

Contact Information

Janet Nannen

7 Acorn Lane
Harpswell,  ME  04079-4560 


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