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About the Artist

I am a painter who works in mixed media. My work is fundamentally an abstract/imagistic hybrid. In strictly formal terms, I attempt to achieve an overall aesthetic expression of harmony in terms of color, rhythm, texture, complexity and restraint. I often construct my pieces utilizing both geometric and biomorphic forms and carefully build up the surface by layering. My paintings come to resemble hybrids, culled from a variety of sources. For example, from multi-cultural art history, commercial art, popular culture, and science. I believe in the end what is clearly evident is that my references are quite diverse and that my thought processes travel constantly in many different directions; however this works towards what I ultimately achieve: a synthesis or ?new world? composed of the diverse thought fragments. I exhibit both in Maine and New York City. I recently participated in the Dumbo Art Expo in Brooklyn, NY.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Painting, Crafts

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37 Main Street
Thomaston  ME  04861-3427 


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