Kristin Malin

PO Box 221, Georgetown, ME 04548

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About the Artist

The impetus for my work is the seduction of the motif. Rather than merely recording exactly what I see, the motif is a visual and emotional departure point. I am visually excited by small events in nature that might go unnoticed ? a configuration of clouds, a reflection on the surface of water, rain drops hitting water. Water, sky and openings are motifs that either hold me in the painting or allow me somewhere to go: a slice of water, an opening in clouds, the intersection of grasses and water. The fluctuations of the tide, direction of the wind, time of day, and the seasons are determinants in the way a place looks, and provide infinite moments of beauty.

I paint landscapes on-site. I?m grateful for sublime moments that are a confluence of season, time, and tides. Painting from nature requires direct observation and an intuitive response in order to organize the painting, create a dynamic surface, and paint ?what I see? in an effort to capture a moment.

Category: Artist

Preferred Audiences: College, Adult

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Painting, Printmaking

Contact Information

Kristin Malin

PO Box 221
Georgetown  ME  04548 


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