Theory of Negativity

c/o Smasheasy, Tourmaline Media, Bethel, ME 04217-4605

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About the Artist

Theory of Negativity is a groove metal band based in Rumford Maine. Theory of Negativity have a dark industrial edge and intensity that may surprise people who think of New England only as pastoral and serene. Originally called Peace Corpse, they released one cd under that name, and a follow-up cd as Theory of Negativity on Maine's smasheasy label. After a 5 year hiatus, drummer Jason Rowland and guitarist Pat Malia, were craving the musical intensity of the original Peace Corpse and Theory of Negativity projects. They approached producer/engineer Ted St.Pierre at The Outlook studio in Bethel, Maine, about recording some new material. Ted stepped in to play bass, as well as recording and producing what was now just the bare bones of the original band. Pat Malia wrote the lyrics and sang or screamed them out on the new tracks. He describes the music by this incarnation of the band as ''anti-social metal-dance-punk.'' They had recorded 9 really cranking new songs as a power trio, when original Peace Corpse/Theory vocalist Adam Mazza stepped back in to add some guitar and baritone guitar on several more tracks, and vocals on a song he had written for the band back in `96. Rob Gaudet, who contributed a couple of keyboard tracks on the first two cds, also played on afew of the most recent songs. By the time the cd was complete, the sound was highly developed, and more massive than ever before. Ted St.Pierre, whose recording work ranges from late 70's punk icons to rock and roll hall of fame veterans, says ''This is the heaviest thing I've ever recorded. Pat?s vocals really put it over the top.'' The band is now back together, putting together a live show, and getting more great reviews. Boston magazine, The Noise, describes songs from their new cd as ''...retro-hardcore topped with Zep-like mock-raga (''Brood,'')
and a Metallica-laced manifesto (''Smoothie'').'' They've also been compared to Rage Against the Machine, Primus, and Pearl Jam. Their cds are available from smasheasy at, and at Downloads are available at over 150 commercial sites worldwide.

Category: Performing Group

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Theory of Negativity

c/o Smasheasy, Tourmaline Media
894 Mayville Road
Bethel  ME  04217-4605 


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