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Maine native and self-made pianist/singer/songwriter, Kate Schrock has been touring the U.S. over the past several years building a devoted audience with her ?do-it-yourself? approach and attitude. As inspired by the independence of such artists as Ani DiFranco, and on the strength and success of her own independent label, Kakelane Music, Kate has produced and released five critically acclaimed albums: Refuge in 1994, Shunyata in 1997, Dames Rocket in 2000, Live From The Majestic and Indiana in 2003. Kate?s songs have graced many compilation CDs and movie soundtracks, including the 1999 release of MGM?s Carrie II: The Rage. Billboard?s ?Talent Net? cited Kate Schrock as one of the best new artists in the year 2000.

Kate blends rock, jazz and gospel with a pop angle to create dark, emotional
melodies and musical textures that will surprise you with the amount of light they throw into their own shadows. Critics have called her ?Fiona Apple without the weirdness?, and ?Tori Amos without the fairy dust?. Some say she ?sings kind of like Aimee Mann and writes kind of like Joni Mitchell,? but even if you merged all of these claims and comparisons together, the parts would still fall woefully short of capturing the whole, and thus the essence, that is ?Kate Schrock?. To approach the heart and soul of what Kate Schrock does is to tap into something human and universal. She strives for honesty and authenticity in her writing, performing, and musicianship, and like the rare miracles they are, she somehow manages to marry accessibility and ambiguity in each and every one of her songs. Simply stated: she makes your heart think.

Kate Schrock has carved out a truly grassroots music career. After many detours, including stints as a model in New York and Paris, months building wooden lobster boats, and four years studying philosophy and theater, she finally listened to the voice of her highest calling: to perform her music night after night in large and small rooms across the U.S. while gaining a following as wide and varied as the colors that populate her lyrical palette. And throughout this journey, and in an industry that swallows so many of its artists like aspirin on the morning after, Kate has retained a wild sense of humor and lust for life both envied and enjoyed by her peers. ?The rewards of this business are in the art itself and the little moments along the way . . . the richness is always in the process and the story you live and in the lives you touch and are touched by.? (KS)

Influenced by such artists as Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, and the aforementioned Ms. DiFranco, Kate Schrock has developed into a testimonial songwriter wielding a unique edge, placing weight not only on honest introspection and reflection, but on groove and melodic depth as well. Her approach is much in the same tradition that has propelled quintessential songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, one in which life and truth fuel poetry and create the basis for compelling music. Like Mitchell, Kate is also a painter and claims her visual is inextricably connected to the songs she writes. Her paintings grace the covers of both Shunyata and Dames Rocket.

Kate Schrock has shared the stage with the likes of such legendary artists as Stephen Stills, Taj Mahal, Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones and Wayne Kramer of MC5. Kate has performed as special guest at the prestigious Ravinia Festival in Chicago, opening for the BoDeans in front of more than 10,000 people. An accessible and dynamic performer, Kate often causes her audience to lapse into laughter between songs as she launches into commentary laced with candor, unnerving insight and naked introspection. Make no mistake about it: music is the message, but connecting is the mission.

While not touring nationwide, Kate calls Maine her home.

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